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Namaste. I want to explain how I became a Vedic Astrologer, or rather a Vedic Astrology Consultant, and how I came to know Astrology.

I am Pierpaolo Marras, or Premakumar Das, a name I received from the my master Radhanath Swami in the tradition of the Bhakti-yoga. Thanks to him and his teachings, my life today is directed toward soul-searching, Love and Compassion.

However if it is too difficult you can call me Prema.

My path

I majored and specialized in Telecommunications Engineering and until 2016 I practiced in this field. In parallel, I have always had another life, which seems contrary to engineering (but is not): I have studied and delved into Indian philosophical culture, the ancient literature and wisdom of the Vedas, Yoga and meditation. I studied Vedic philosophy and Bhakti-Yoga under the guidance of world-renowned masters and I obtained the title of Bhakti-śastri at the Bhaktivedanta College, located in Belgium.

My technical studies have always helped me in my journey to see things using logic and rationality. I try to bring a scientific approach to the Lectures, Courses and consultations I do.

For example, I collaborate as a teacher of Philosophy of Yoga e Meditation at several Yoga Teacher Training in Europe. I have also collaborated with Vedic Education, e-learning platform regarding the study of the Vedas. 

I wrote a book on meditation and the concept of illusion: "Between illusion and reality. Meditation in yoga". And, if you like the meditative music (Kirtan), I self-produced a CD called "Raga of the Soul". I love music and I love the Kirtan, especially when music meets the Mantra.

My first approach to Vedic Astrology.

I came to Vedic Astrology first, like many, hearing about it. I am born as a skeptical engineer and want proof of everything! Clearly I accept that something is beyond reason (super-rational), but I really get sick when something is completely disconnected or irrational. Everything in my path must have logic and it must have a rational meaning. For me it is a must!.

In the Vedas I have found a philosophy that is comprehensive, systematic, scientific, cutting-edge; but also ancient, inspiring, luminous, positive, intriguing, simple for the simple and complex for the complex (like me), oceanic, free of sectarian views, open, optimistic but realistic, holistic, physical and metaphysical, and so much more.

I first heard Jyotiṣa as something related to the Vedas, which I had been studying for years before. I had read stories of Muni (sages) and Rṣi (seers) who foretold the future lives of newborn baby, who decided -based on the position of Stars - auspicious times to start any activity, who were able to give advice as if they "saw" more then us. It was as if they had more data and information at their disposal than we did. In fact, they had learned to read the Nature around them.

When I received my first Vedic Astrology Reading it revealed me a new world: those bright dots shining in the sky, seemingly randomly distributed (like a handful of sand thrown on a floor by a child) had a lot to do with me, my life, the people I was meeting, how I appeared to others, my emotions, my way of thinking, my flaws, my blocks and my talents. In short: about my Karma. There was a real match and I had the first proof on myself. But that wasn't enough for me; I wanted to know more.

Astrology and Engineering!

Like many I began to immerse myself in the study of that ocean of knowledge, Jyotiṣa, to get further confirmation. And as I progressed in my studies, I found more and more proofs while applying those gradually more complex and intriguing astrological principles that I tested reading myself and others.

One of the first realizations I had was: "The Law of Karma is something true!". It had become something tangible, no longer just a very valid, but abstract philosophical hypothesis. Vedic astrology is a measuring instrument of how and when this Law of Karma is modeling our life. I understood which "extra data" the Vedic Munis and Rṣis had as a tool and aid to their profound wisdom.

At that moment I realized that I would become a Vedic Astrology Consultant. or rather, I would be an 

? Engineer of Karma! ?

My path of study as an Astrologer

I have studied with various internationally renowned Vedic Astrologers, here in Italy and abroad, with various certificates and diplomas. One of which is the "International Diploma Advanced Studies in Vedic Astrology" at the Dirah Academy, recognized by the CVA (Council of Vedic Astrology).

In addition to my personal and dedicated study of the various Vedic texts, which have led me to a deeper and deeper understanding of the philosophy underlying Vedic Astrology: Bhagavad-gītā, Mahabhārata, Rāmayana, Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam, Purāṇa, Upaniṣad and so on.

After this trip I decided to go even deeper in the path to becoming a Vedic Astrologer, enrolling and embarking on the path of Jyotiṣa Master, in the prestigious Devaguru Bṛhaspati Center (DBC). Under the able guidance of the dean of the DBC, the Astrologer Paṇḍita Sanjay Rath, which teaches astrology in the ancient tradition of the jyotiṣa-paraṁpara of Orissa and mentor Sarbani Rath Devi. Only in the oral tradition are the secrets of this science handed down, they are not found even in the best books on the subject. Teachings that were passed from father to son in some Brahmin families, who boast a long astrological lineage.

Thus the auspicious day of the Govardhana Puja, under the "good star" of the blessings of my spiritual master, and with the encouragement of my beloved wife Kishori Priya devi, was born: Yoga delle Stelle (YOGA OF THE STARS)!