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One of the greatest secrets of Vedic Astrology finally revealed...

An astrological REPORT that NARRATES YOUR life in 50 pages: THE PLANET OF DESTINY reveals your barriers and unleashes your potential.

Your complete life journey captured in a meticulous, personalized Report on your Planet of Destiny: discover the keys to surmounting your challenges and igniting your innate potential. 

Namaste, I am Prema Kumar, director of YogadelleStelle.com, your Vedic Astrology portal! 

I am happy to tell you that today is a very lucky day because you have the opportunity to finally start the Transformation to your life that you are desiring for a long time.

In fact, by the philosophy of Vedic Astrology, you did not "happen by chance" to be on this page. 

Nothing happens by chance

Everything is moved by physical and subtle laws. 

Here, the movement of the Planets has an influence on you, just as the movement of the Sun determines whether it will be day or night. 

Do you agree that the simple rotation of the Sun punctuates and decides your life? 

So if you are not here by accident surely there is a reason why you are now reading this page. 

It is a mystery now, but soon it will become clearer to you.  

So I welcome you wishing you the greatest possible benefit from this article. 

Enjoy your reading and have a safe journey!

Vedic astrology is. an ancient science which has been used for millennia To gain guidance and clarity in life

But before I tell you about this science, I must immediately "disconnect" Vedic Astrology from astrology (which you find in columns or which people who are a bit "strange" talk about), which often gives superficial, superstitious, generalized indications formulated in unintelligible and sibylline language:

"Aries, the Sun is smiling on you this week!"

"Virgo, tensions at work coming due to the entrance of Mars!"

"Capricorn, Venus warns you it's time to go on vacation!"

"Taurus, given the look of Saturn you'd better not eat too much at dinner..."

But what does it mean!!! 

And what can I use it for especially! 

Randomly placed words that mean everything or nothing depending on the perspective from which you read them....

Have you also had this experience? 

If you, too, cannot take these warnings seriously and they seem far removed from the reality you are experiencing, I recommend that you read this page carefully, because it will make you see astrology in a whole new light. 

You will understand that Vedic Astrology does not consider you to be just another "Sign like so many others," but speaks precisely about YOU and YOUR LIFE with impressive accuracy.

If you continue reading carefully, you will also find 3 extra gifts for you I will offer to welcome you to this new adventure!

Today I will tell you about the planets, and how one of them in particular has, since your birth, a very powerful influence on your life, as well as a decisive role in the difficulties you experience in your daily life. 

I will show you how everything happens for a specific reason.

A fundamental tool, Vedic Astrology, to know oneself, to explore the depths of the human soul, to align with one's life purpose and purpose, to get answers to latent questions within myself.
Adriana Romeo
Lawyer Mediator
Vedic astrology has helped me focus on my person, my character and the totality of all my habits. In a word: getting to know yourself is the first step to accept or change.
Alberto Nioi
Alberto Nioi
Industrial Technician

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Discover your Destiny map now

Planets decide your life...at least until you learn about them

Understand that there is a motivation behind everything, a higher plan, changes from one day to the next your view of yourself, other people, and your life.

Unfortunately, as long as you don't know the role of planets and their true function you will be a passive victim of their influence and pressure, believe it or not!

The example I often give is that of the force of gravity

If a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim, an atheist, a fascist, a communist, an anarchist (whether white, black, yellow, red, male or female) jumps from a skyscraper...

...everyone will fall At the same acceleration of 9.80665 m/s²

Believe it or not, the law of gravity will still act!

So the Planets have an influence on you, believe it or not....

Regardless of your beliefs, I guess you do NOT want to: 

If you are continuing to read, alas, it is because. all this is also happening to you And that's what you feel too. 

I am certain of this because. every day so many people come to me for reports, consultations and advice, and these points are ALWAYS those power plants and the most urgent

Even by dissecting in detail the various situations in your life (in which you find yourself and which make you unhappy) from your Astrological Chart we would get to these basic points. 

Here I assure you that you are not alone in feeling this way. 

All people (more or less) are influenced by different planetary periods. 

Do you know what the difference is? 

There are those who are aware of it and there are those who are not: those who suffer and those who take advantage of the favorable winds.

What is the point of going against the wind Whether the same wind can be used to go in a favorable direction? 

Time is like the changing ocean, you are the ship and the wind is the planetary energy. 

If you know the planetary energy you're like a seafaring sailor Who can cross the ocean unscathed.

Why is this happening to you?

Do you want to have a full and fulfilling life, you want fulfilling relationships and deep, you want to make the best use of what you have to do something important for you, for the people you love and for the world, yet you encounter so many obstacles. 

Even when you feel like you've almost finally gotten what you want and you're just short of getting it, suddenly something goes wrong! 


Why you of all people? 

So you have to start over...as if life is a cycle that always brings back the exams you haven't solved. 

And that is exactly what Vedic Astrology says: Until you pass the exam, the exam will show up again and again.

This causes bitterness, depression and a huge loss of ENERGY and TIME

I have been teaching yoga for over 40 years and consider Vedic Astrology to be an important tool to connect and link us to our "higher destiny."
Devi Radhika Devi Dasi
Devi Radhika
Yoga teacher (centroyoga.eu)
I was struck by the extraordinary reading of ourselves that one is able to receive through 'Vedic astrology and also by bringing out components that influence us that we were not aware of until then. For me it is the most in-depth and effective tool to read deep within ourselves.
Riccardo Laveglia
Employee and Naturopath

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Discover your Destiny map now

Finally found out who is responsible for what happens to you

As I told you earlier, this is what I hear on a daily basis from everyone who comes to me for a report, astrological consultation or coaching session. The good news is that I have identified the "celestial" cause of these problems. Drum roll 

...the "responsible" of this vicious circle is THE PLANET OF DESTINY.

Or rather, NOT KNOWING Your Planet of Destiny is the motivation Why all this happens. 

This Planet influences you in a way that is entirely PERSONAL and "tailored" to you; it is he who leads you to experience this.

The Planet of Destiny is the King of your Astrological Chart (in a nutshell: the chart generated by the position of the planets at the instant of your birth). 

It is the planet whose purpose is to teach you the LESSON which TU you have to learn in this life. It is a lesson SPECIFY e CONCRETE, and it is different for each of us.

Okay, maybe you don't think a planet you can't even see could really have anything to do with the problems you deal with every day. 

Are you sure? 

You remember the law of gravity--it works even if you have no idea it exists.

I invite you then to take three deep breaths and read these questions. 

Answer in all sincerity only TRUE o FALSE:

If you answered TRUE to at least two questions, you have a 50% chance of being under the unconscious influence Of your Planet of Destiny. 

If the number of TRUE is greater, it is mathematical that your Destiny Planet is trying to communicate to you that there is something wrong!

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Discover your Destiny map now

Your karma's 80% is encapsulated in one Planet.

Now, don't you imagine a bad planet put randomly in the sky to ruin your life! 

According to the ancient tradition of yoga to which Vedic Astrology belongs, in fact, man is the architect of his own destiny through his actions.

Instant by instant you CHOOSE your destiny. 

Simply put, what we experience in life is the result of our past actions. 

This in a nutshell is the Law of Karma

In particular, the Planet of Destiny contains the information of the ERROR that you keep repeating over and over again (almost certainly unconsciously).

As a teacher who cares about the growth and advancement of his or her student, similarly Planet of Destiny re-proposes to you continuously The same "exercise" -- until you learn!

Although Vedic Astrology is a vast and complex subject, if you know your Destiny Planet in depth and what it is trying to teach you, you will know the most important aspect of your karma.

You will be able to change your destiny in a very short time.

And, if you follow the advice I have derived for you from the ancient yoga texts for your specific case, the results will be truly long-lasting.

Because you will have learned in depth about your inner dynamics and the teachings behind the events in your life.

This aspect is crucial because it means:


Let me explain further. 

Sometimes those in or interested in Astrology identify so much with the aspects of their chart that they think it is all written now: 

"I am Scorpio and so I am like that." 

"My Saturn is in the Ascendant and therefore ...", 

"My Moon is afflicted and for that reason...."

Have you ever heard of it in those terms? 

Or perhaps you yourself express yourself in this way?

If the answer is YES. 

Let me clarify this point.

I think Vedic Astrology that it is very helpful to people because it brings you to know yourself and take an inner path.
Ester Bruno
A fundamental tool for channeling our energy in the best possible way. If I had known a Vedic astrologer years ago, he would have prevented me from making multiple mistakes.
Elisabetta Fusari
Teacher of Hatha Yoga, Pilates and gymnastics (Arjuna Yoga ASD)

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Discover your Destiny map now

How does my approach (as a skeptical engineer) to Vedic Astrology differ?

As I always say: Vedic Astrology. It is not magic, superstition or superstition.

A Vedic Astrologer is NOT meant to put a label on you or read your future like a fortune teller.

If you have already read my Free mini-guide "Tell me your Planet of Destiny and I'll tell you who you are!" you know what I am talking about and why I insist on this point.

You can find many sites on the Web that offer calculations on your astrological chart.

But they are of no use because until there can really be a decisive turning point in your life you must know how to decipher the secret language of the planets and the intention with which they are constantly watching you, without losing sight of you even for a moment!

To relieve the pressure they exert on your life you must have access to their "encrypted" language. 

Only in this way will you understand how to act correctly to reassure them about you and be able to change things!

For this to happen is necessary for you to know deeply your Planet of Destiny!

Indeed, if you want to get something you've never had you have to do something you've never done!

In fact, I can guarantee you that it won't do you any good do a thousand calculations on the various sites to get a couple of indications from your birth chart.

On the web you find lots of vague directions that serve mostly as "lark's mirrors." 

Just as 4 lines in a magazine column certainly won't help you overcome your obstacles (moreover, without even considering the uniqueness of your chart's astrological data!).

You must have access to clear and concrete instructions and put the remedies into practice, that is, in astrological terms, "pacify the Planet of Destiny" and make it satisfied with you. 

Let them know that you have learned your lesson!

The sooner you do it, the more time you will gain! And I am here with you precisely to help you speed up your change!

In fact, you should know that Vedic Astrology is a very ancient, precise and complex science. 

It takes years, if not decades to gain access to its hidden treasures!

Planetary DNA is the "genetic code" in which the universe has written the secrets of your destiny

I have good news for you!

As you may already know, in addition to being a Vedic astrologer, I am also a telecommunications engineer! 

This means that I have a practical, concrete and scientific mindset that seeks the essence of things.

My work as both an engineer and an astrologer has always been characterized by finding effective solutions in the shortest possible time... and I want them to be long-term solutions!

That is why I have summarized for you 3 key aspects Of your astrological chart:

The Planet of Destiny© That Heavenly Body that decides the direction, the lesson you have to learn and the obstacles you repeatedly encounter.

La Nakṣatra, the constellation of the Moon at the time of your birth. It identifies your destiny and personality at the level of the mind.

L'Vedic Ascendant (different from the Ascendant you have usually heard of). It indicates your personality on a physical and intellectual level.

By knowing these 3 aspects you will know the secrets of your karma!

I called this study the PLANETARY DNA.

In fact, so How DNA contains our genetic information and hereditary, our karma in this life is encoded in the arrangement of the planets at the time of our birth. 

In this article we focus on the Planet of Destiny because it is by far the most important aspect of planetary DNA. 

Simply knowing your Destiny Planet can be a unique experience for you that can bring such a profound transformation in your life that you will be amazed at your improvements in a short time. 

Astrology is a map of our destiny, thanks to which we understand where to apply our efforts to change something for the better and where, instead, to accept with gratitude what we are given.
Elena Moskovkina
It is amazing and jaw-dropping to read about itself, it sounds like an instruction booklet lost at birth and miraculously found again. I knew Vedic Astrology in name but not in fact. I think it is a very powerful tool that we should all be aware of in order to move forward in a focused and more authentic way.
Elena Montanari
Restaurateur (framcafe.com)

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Discover your Destiny map now

Tell me your Planet of Destiny and I will tell you who you are

The Planet of Destiny is the most important aspect of your chart ACCORDING TO VEDIC ASTROLOGY.

There is no corresponding aspect in "Western" astrology, so don't think now about your Moon in Taurus or your Mars in Aries, much less your Uranus in Capricorn (Vedic astrology does NOT consider Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

Basically, among the various Heavenly Bodies that are studied in Vedic Astrology, your Planet of Destiny© is what:

8 "sketches" that describe who you are at your core

In particular, the Planet of Destiny defines. 8 astrological personality types

This is the most important point because knowing your astrological personality type can really change the way you see yourself and how you see others.

I always wondered if there was a way to get right to the point. 

The faster and more effectively you understand the person in front of you, the faster you will be able to help them solve their problems. 

That is why I have always been fascinated and attracted to numerology, psychological types and the enneagram (to name a few). 

If you know any of these methods, you already know that they have great utility and are also used in very respectable professional fields. 

When I finally came to Vedic Astrology I finally closed my search and after several years of study I found what has become my winning workhorse: the Planet of Destiny©. 

Works at 100%

In particular, the Planet of Destiny defines. 8 astrological personality types

Each of these astrological types has its own unique characteristics: the Leader, the Altruist, the Warrior, the Eternal Student, the Professor, the Aesthete, the Empathic Worker, and the Extreme. 


L'Vedic astrologer is like a detective which takes-from the many techniques of this ancient science-different clues and, from the wise analysis and integration of the elements involved understands and explains your life.

Among these "clues" are. 3 fundamental (Planetary DNA©). 

And among these 3, there is one (the Planet of Destiny©) that constitutes the astrologer's overwhelming proof of your destiny. 

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Discover your Destiny map now

Time to get practical: a report for you on your planet of destiny!

Now we are finally about to concretize everything we have been talking about so far.

The Planet of Destiny is no longer an unknown concept.

By now you know the Planet of Destiny:

Getting to this point, only one step is missing We need to do together:

discover YOUR Planet of Destiny.

This is no small step: it is like a "quantum leap."

You will go from having a cursory knowledge of Vedic Astrology to. to experience it directly

It has the same effect as an initiation.

I remember when I first heard about Vedic Astrology-I was skeptical and very hesitant: bha astrology, what stuff is...

But when my future teacher of Vedic Astrology (I had not yet started the path) read the Astrological Chart to me for the first time it was an explosion!

He told me in full detail who I was and what I had done in my life--shock! 

... other worlds opened up to me in an instant. 

It is one thing to say that Astrology says this and says that, does this and does that. 

So many good words. 

And another thing is to EXPERIMENT that Vedic Astrology is a science and that it can really describe your Karma. 

It would be mere theory if I did not also present to you the possibility of experiment practically what I tell you. 

To do this I created a system that I will tell you about shortly.

I also want you to have the same burst of consciousness.

You just have to Have the courage to take the first step And I will take you by the hand and guide you on the path.

Okay, now it is time for your "quantum leap"....

I can assure you that once you gain this knowledge. your life will never be the same.


Are you ready?

Then read on.

This is Antonella's story:

"I always wondered what I was meant to do and why the same situations kept coming up....

After reading my planet of destiny I got a clearer view of what I need to do....

I understood what I need to work on and improve, how to accept others' points of view.

Thanks to the planet of destiny I now know that anything is possible, you just need to know your potential....

I'm on my way....

With the assumption that I still have work to do.

The thing that struck me the most was. represents me very much!

I think Vedic Astrology is great, opened up a whole new world for me....

I had never heard of it before."
Antonella Marinotti

Do you want to go straight to practice?

Discover your Destiny map now

A talking REPORT: your destiny in 50 pages

A Talking Report?

Like the talking cricket in Pinocchio? 

Not really...

Although you will find in the Report many tips to avoid many mistakes!

If Pinocchio had listened to the talking cricket...

...how much Karma would have avoided!

Don't you think so?

I have chosen a modern way to finally give you proof of how Vedic Astrology is a powerful medium that everyone should know about to benefit from.

In fact, thanks to my computer skills, I came up with the following. astrological software Capable of generating...

...the first Report (in the world) on your Planet of Destiny!

But wait, I'm not talking to you about professional astrology software that only insiders can use. 

I'm talking to you about a hard evidence You can take advantage of even now, here and now.

That's right, you can immediately be "initiated" into this world, just a few clicks.

I have created a Report in a digital format that talks just about you.

The Report uses language that is simple, intuitive, deep, and extremely valuable content for your situation.

What is a Report? 

A Report is a like a book (but it is not exactly) which contains specific and detailed data that is calculated and compiled according to Vedic Astrology.

But while the book is the same for everyone, the Report is specific to each person.

In other words, you can go to the bookstore and ask for a cookbook, but you can't go to the bookseller and tell her: 

give me two Planet of Destiny Reports.

Each Report is different and is the result of work done ad hoc For each person. 

You can only find this text here.

Yoga of the Stars is the bookstore Of the Planet of Destiny.

Below you can see an example image of a printed Report (yes, you can print the Report and have it with you at all times) of a person whose Destiny Planet is Mercury.

In fact, the Report is a detailed text from the 50 to 70 pages calculated from the planetary position that you get from your birth data (date, time and place). 

❌ Don't expect 50 pages of tables full of astrological symbols

I tell you this because often online astrology reports are JUST astrological data thrown out there without any interpretation. 

Virtually useless both for the layman because he won't understand it, and for those who know Vedic Astrology because you can get the same data from any professional astrological software (which a professional usually has).

❌ Don't expect a Report made up of a jumble of sentences that contradict each other.

Sometimes the Astrological Reports you find out there are a hodgepodge of contradictory data and phrases that tell you everything or the opposite of everything. 

Practically waste paper. 

Do you remember the "oracle of Delphi" effect I explained in the Miniguide?

The Planet of Destiny Report is NOT like this.

✅ The Planet of Destiny Report is ALL. valuable text. Apart from a small page where I show you your Astrological Chart, which is indispensable, the Report is a smooth and pleasant read. 

✅ The information contained in the Report is. precise And not contradictory. You will find yourself fully in the descriptions and find maximum benefit from the advice you receive. 

✅ The Report is informally written as if it were a long letter (more than 50 pages) from a friend who cares about your deepest well-being. 

Therefore, the Report Is like written advice done by a professional Vedic Astrologer who explains your personal Destiny Planet in detail.

This Report has the same value of full year by an experienced counselor who knows you very well and lovingly accompanies you on the path where you will overcome your obstacles and make your latent potential blossom.

In a nutshell, Report explains: 

It is basically A counseling book about you!

Everything you have discovered about the Planet of Destiny you will find in your Report customized to your specific situation.

Written in black and white.

So knowing your Planet of Destiny is an indispensable milestone toward your well-being, success, and material and spiritual fulfillment. 

This reading is a journey That can really make a difference.

This is Barbara's story:

"I wanted to know myself better, to understand the repetition of certain situations and emotions, find tools to better accept what is happening.

I certainly understood that thefamily attachment is one of my weaknesses, but I have realized that the family I must refer to is the universal family and that only by cultivating spirituality can I move beyond the material limitations that create suffering for me.

I realized that my sensitivity can also turn out to be a strength and not a flaw, I now know that I need to devote more to myself without thinking of being selfish, that I can take the space and time for my personal and spiritual growth.

In my planet of destiny I found all those dynamics that characterize me, just those, not others, it is surprising how many personal aspects emerged from the reading.

I found answers to so many whys.

I have often fought and suffered for my emotionality for my sensitivity often experienced as a flaw, a weakness, I now understood where it came from and understanding it gave me relief.

It's like making peace with myself, with my unresolved emotional knots.

Let's say I'm on my way-surely acquiring the awareness of who you really are, where you come from ( my pet peeve) is helping me to accept painful events, I can look and observe myself from a different perspective, and that makes me feel better, I feel lighter.

I listen to myself, observe myself and try to don't judge me.

I was struck by the fact that it was all there... everything that had happened, everything I am, my whole life was there ... waiting to be read ... to be understood, processed.

I am reciting the personal mantra (🙏🏻😊 thank you), meditating and following other advice that moreover some was already part of me, but now I am more aware of it.

Although with ups and downs they give me serenity, strength, support. "
Barbara Bianchi

Do you want to go straight to practice?

Discover your Destiny map now

Now you have a chance to really change your life...it just depends on what you choose to do

So I am giving you the opportunity to make this "quantum leap."

Read your Custom Report carefully and make the specific content you will find within it your own.

Now the choice is up to you: you can live life casually or you can live life consciously

What changes? 

Imagine a person who improvises as an architect and wants to build a skyscraper. 

Will it succeed? 

Definitely not! Although he will strive many years. 

Because the skyscraper is the product of hundreds of years of construction research.

This means living casually: without a plan, without a blueprint, without the necessary knowledge.

Instead, imagine an architect who has studied and practiced architecture, who starts work only after making a good design. 

Won't it have a different result and in the shorter time? 

Of course.

It will take a few years but it will surely reach the top floor! 

This means living consciously

Knowledge makes all the difference!

Because in life you can achieve great things ONLY if you have the knowledge To do so. 

Great things do not happen by themselves. Especially if they are not "fatuous fires," but lasting works. 

Without knowledge, only small things can be accomplished. 

The Report is the tool that enables you to live your life consciously.

Living life with awareness therefore requires an understanding of your specific situation. 

Every person is different, has different problems and different ways to solve the problem.

You are unique, your talents are unique, and your problems are also unique.

There are no formulas that apply to everyone! 

Thus the Report is different for each person because it is generated by the specific and unique aspects of your individual Astrological Chart.

But what is even better is that you will find so many solutions to your problems in the Report. 

In fact, one of the peculiarities of Vedic Astrology is that it recommends valid personal remedies that are based on the millennia-old tradition and wisdom of Yoga. 

So in the chapters of the Report you will find a list of remedies tailor-made e ultra-practical who will give you guidance and support for the rest of your life.

This is Elena's story:

"Ever since I was a child, I have experienced abandonment in all its forms -- parents, partner, friends -- as a problem.

This generated anger and a sense of injustice for at least 35 years because I thought of myself as a person of unrequited heart, as if I did not deserve.

In the Planet of Destiny, I could see myself in my path and evolutions..

I knew everything was my responsibility because it happened to me and the climb started at least 25 years ago, but reading it is different, is a confirmation that my life began but also continued with an endless series of battles with a why.

As I read page after page, I found comfort in noting that. the path taken was right, that I had listened to my soul by walking a path of nonviolence toward everything and everyone.

I realized that my strengths are tenacity for causes that I think are of great importance, my mission for a world of peace and love toward animals ( I am vegan ) and planet Earth.

Certainly looked at me from the outside with great curiosity and what I see I like, although my innate curiosity tells me there is still so much to discover.

When I tested the report's correspondence with who I am I ironically said, "but they follow me from birth???"

It is amazing and jaw-dropping to read about itself, it sounds like a instruction booklet lost at birth Is miraculously found.

I knew Vedic Astrology in name but not in fact.

I think it's an instrument of great power that we should all be aware of in order to move forward in a focused and more authentic way, a beacon to tend to our true life mission...

Perhaps by avoiding losing their course countless times, derailments from which some unfortunately can never get back...

Perhaps if they had their "Vedic astrological ID" would have made it.

I would like all the people I love could have their maps."
Elena Montanari
Restaurateur (framcafe.com)

Do you want to go straight to practice?

Discover your Destiny map now

The Report is "tailor-made" for you

Although in all there are 8 Destiny Planets and you can share the same Destiny Planet with many other people, YOUR astrological chart is UNIQUE!

This means that your Planet of Destiny is. positioned differently or creates different combinations with other planets compared to other people's astrological chart, and this makes your individual karma unique.

With my software AstroCalc (after months of hard work, experiments, trials, new attempts, and many, many headaches!) I have managed to make sure that each report is truly UNIQUE.

In fact, through a sophisticated automated system, my software is able to calculate the specific situation of your Destiny Planet and to explain in detail the aspects involved in your life. 

Obviously, the more articulate your astrological chart is, the more themes you will find analyzed in your report!

This means that if you, your best friend and your aunt have the same Planet of Destiny, you will have 3 different reports! 

Although the general characteristics of the planet will be the same for you 3, as you continue reading the report you will find how in each of your lives these have different and specific meanings!

Oh! And on that note, you will also have the opportunity to get the report of the people you care about, so that we can better understand them and develop a deeper relationship with them, based on mutual understanding and acceptance.  

In fact, many people who they discover with amazement the effectiveness of the Personalized Report of the Planet of Destiny request me enthusiastically the Report for the whole family! 

Having the opportunity to getting to know the people around you can really drastically change the way you relate to them and the way they relate to you. 

I assure you that this knowledge is priceless.

All Reports you request from me will be "kept" forever (24 hours a day) in your Restricted Area so that you can consult them whenever you feel the need.

This is Dorina's story:

"I had an emotional block and displeasure.

With the Reports, I gained greater visibility of myself. And I am working to improve myself more and more.

I realized that it is not easy to look inside myself and understand what is wrong.

I have to work in this direction.

Understanding toward myself and my inner dynamics lead me to meditate on many choices I have made in my life.

I am on my way to a solution: I need to be less impulsive.

I am amazed because I realized that there is a storm inside me!

Vedic astrology is a wonderful thing.

I did not know her before.

You do an immense and fabulous job. Thank you all."
Dorina Vaduva

Do you want to go straight to practice?

Discover your Destiny map now

You will finally have the instructions of your life in your hand: you will no longer be disoriented

Have you ever bought a super-technological device? 

In this age of ours, who doesn't own one -- cell phones, tablets, home appliances, cars, etc.?

You know that along with your device they always provide the instructions for use

My tendency generally is to "fiddle" with the device to figure out how it works WITHOUT reading the instructions. 

Does this happen to you too? 

For small things it works but. 

Imagine having to fly a jet or use a super computer. 

In risk or super-complexity cases, instructions become critical! 

We can say that the Report represents a life manual in which there are very important instructions for deriving the greatest benefit from your destiny. 

Now, life is complex and making mistakes can be a great risk! Since I began studying Vedic Astrology, I have realized how crucial the instructions are to "use with caution" in life. 

The Report I created is your first life manual. 

And as such I have made sure that you can always carry it with you and access its contents wherever and whenever you want. 

So I prepared for you a whole Restricted Area at YogadelleStelle.com where you will have 24/7 access to your Report (and more). 

This means that you will have always with you your life manual to read and consult in times of trouble, just like a map To verify that we are actually on the right track!

Not only that, you will notice that each time you reread your Personalized Report you will be able to understand new facets of you and your life more and more and put into practice the practical remedies Astrological I will give you. 

This is because you will grow along with your Report, and your Report will be able to guide you deeper and deeper. 

By periodically reading and reflecting on the guidelines in your Report, they will become part of you gradually and the benefits will consequently be duraturi and stable over time.

This is Salvatore's story:

"Before taking advantage of the Planet of Destiny Report I had conflicting interpersonal relationships that left me in some discomfort.

Now I came up with a strategy of introspective behavior, the result is that interpersonal relationships are markedly improved.

If I felt angry and disappointed before, now:

1) I am more self-centered,

2) I listen more,

3) I accept reality and others with benevolence and compassion.

I realized that I have to Cultivating altruism but without expecting anything in return: giving for the sake of making the other person happy.

I learned to accept myself For what they are.

I try to enhance my potential: through understanding others I help myself to see the positive and negative dynamics involved in me as a gift to improve my life.

Today I can say that through the Planet of Destiny Report. I am more lucid in seeing situations of conflict and complexity and to define strategies that allow me to act methodically and purposefully, but above all, I feel less emotionally involved.

One thing that struck me about the Report is. The manner of exposition of arguments, clarity of exposition, and the stage of resolution.

In fact, the advice I receive helps me to be more introspective, allows me to analyze situations very calmly and to Finding answers and resolutions while maintaining patience, without frenzies, seeking above all dialogue, using simplicity and frankness."
Salvatore Anzalone
Vocational Nurse and Poet (anzalonesalvatore.wordpress.com)

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Your Planet of Destiny Chapter-by-Chapter Report: THE UNIVERSE REVEALS THE SECRETS OF YOUR LIFE TO YOU.

Now it is time to look in more detail what your Report contains personalized Planet of Destiny. I show you the content chapter by chapter. Consider that each chapter is filled with specific, personalized information about you calculated from your Astrological Chart and the position of the planets at the instant of your birth. 

Remember that each chapter is extremely personalized To your Astrological Chart.

As you see the Planet of Destiny Report is a inner journey comprehensive and detailed in which you are guided step by step from where you are now until you reach your goals. 

Below you can see the printed Report of a person who has Planet of Destiny Mars.

for a limited time only you also have ACCESS to 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES FOR YOU

By way of exception, in addition to the Personalized Report you will be honored with 3 Special Bonuses. 

NOTE: Consider that each Bonus alone has value between 19 and 27 euros

For a very short time these Bonuses will be included for free in your Report.

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By signing up today on Yoga of the Stars and by purchasing your Planet of Destiny Report you will get always access to your 24-Hour Restricted Area, 7 days a week to your material. 

I will now explain everything you will find in your Private Area that you can download, print or read directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer:

Signing up for your Reserved Area is super easy and fast. It will take you no more than a minute! 

You will be able to access and browse your Reserved Area from your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere! 

You can also easily print out all the material to have it with you in hard copy at all times.

E If you can't remember the password? 

It is not a problem! 

I have created a simple and secure recovery procedure that will immediately allow you to log in again, and of course assistance is always available to you through the CONTACT section. 

We generally respond within 24 hours.

This is Silvia's story:

"My interest was to understand what I had to pay attention to in life, the automatic mechanisms and wounds.

Thanks to the Report I realized that I often help others by giving everything of myself but then if I am disappointed I close myself off, in a constant opening and closing.

I finally realized that sometimes I help others even if they don't really need it.

My strengths are the compassion and love I can give to the world.

I have learned to ask myself whether the other person really needs or not and to act after answering this question.

It really struck me to review my life in the Report and to notice that I often fell into defense mechanisms or attachment/addiction.

I found everything excellent, well done. Thank you!"
Silvia Nirala Felappi
Ahimsa Yoga teacher and instructor

WHY THE PLANET OF DESTINY ONLY COSTS YOU. 129 EURO 57 euros (including vat)?

First of all, I must tell you that the content of the Report and the transformative value it can have in your life is priceless

It is priceless because all the time you will save and all the mistakes you will avoid, thanks to the Report, are invaluable.

When I started making the Report, I had the idea of creating at most ten pages with a description of your Planet of Destiny...

But then I was able to make my AstroCalc software more and more precise and sophisticated, and I thought:

why not also offer the astrological personality type?

I could also calculate this aspect, and this other aspect?

... so they ended up being at least. 50 pages!

Even more so if your Destiny Planet creates special aspects to other planets or is in significant positions in your Astrological Chart. 

In this case, the report can go up to 70 pages

It is basically a comprehensive counseling that talks about you in detail.

Generally in a consultation with any expert, coach, practitioner or counselor, you can't get right to the "root" of the problem in one session.

This is because the counselor doesn't know you And must first understand who you are and what your problem is. 

So you need at least 3-4 sessions/meetings/advice To see a real solution on the horizon. 

With Vedic Astrology this does not happen because it is your Astrological Chart itself that allows the Vedic Astrologer to get to know you even before meeting you.

Now keep in mind, however, that if you wanted to delve into all the issues that are encapsulated in the Planet of Destiny Report, you should have at least 3 meetings With an experienced Vedic Astrologer.

I am not exaggerating.

I have condensed into this Report all the essential information you need to know about your Destiny Planet, which as I told you constitutes the 80% of your Karma.

With this knowledge you can already turn your life around.

Each time you reread the Report you will discover more and more details that you had previously missed.  

The Report is a condensation of useful information for you.

Consider that, on the world stage, professional consulting of about an hour with a qualified Vedic Astrologer costs 200 to 400 euros, on average 300 euro

So considering 3 consultations of 200 euros...

...to get the valuable information you find in your Planet of Destiny Report you would be forced to spend at least 600 euro

A good investment. And I assure you that anyway, even if the price is high, you would be thanking yourself for getting such valuable information.

I must tell you, however, that not everyone will talk to you so specifically about this fundamental element of your Astrological Chart: the Planet of Destiny.

Because it is an aspect in which I have personally specialized during years of study and research in the vast field of Vedic Astrology. 

This material is unobtainable on the internet or in bookstores, even if you searched for 10 years. 

Not only is it the first Italian Report of Vedic astrology, but to date it is the first Report to the world which deals with this fundamental aspect of Vedic Astrology.

The Planet of Destiny Report is. the fruit of my studies with internationally renowned Indian masters and analysis of texts in English and Sanskrit (the technical language of Yoga); combined with my engineering skills IT. 

A difficult mix to find.

I have also always been convinced that money spent on self-improvement. are really best investment we can do, because true knowledge is forever.

When you have clarity and inner strength in fact, in addition to becoming satisfied and successful in life, you save the money you would spend on running for cover in times of trouble!

You don't need to be in trouble or in crisis now to get the most out of the Planet of Destiny, in fact this Report is great for avoiding and preventing crises, for making the most of your potential, for preparing a better future ahead of you, and for becoming the "best version of yourself" right away.

Through the Report I can give you the basics about your destiny knowing that you will have plenty of time to digest and meditate on them. 

The Report will always accompany you and you can consult it again even after months or years.

I really care about giving everyone the opportunity to access knowledge that can really make a difference. 

I want everyone to know the Planet of Destiny and Vedic Astrology and can experience them as practical and effective tools for improving life. 

This is such valuable information that I don't feel I can exclude someone because of the price, so I'm doing everything to make the cost as low as possible, even at the cost of losing out.

To give you the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to make a decisive difference in your life, I decided to offer your report with the small investment by only 127 euros

Now also, for a limited time only, I also have another benefit for you!

In fact, to celebrate your first encounter with Vedic Astrology and your first step toward making a major change, I have decided to offer you the Personalized Report of your Destiny Planet with an additional 50% discount.

This is Stefania's story:

"My problem was the too much aggression (martial part) that prevailed over my lunar part.

Since receiving the report on my planet of destiny (which is Mars) I have become more aware of my weaknesses to appease and those to introject.

I reflected on the need to rebalancing the feminine and masculine inside me.

Every day I recite the mantra You sent me and I practice meditation.

I resumed making Yoga.

I finally know that I need to work on: acceptance, patience, acceptance, compassion, collaborative competitiveness, forgiveness and on bringing back the feminine.

In a nutshell: staying I know how to feel good about myself, how to seek "warrior's rest" and how to get an "energy recharge."

I am learning to detach my head and think more about myself. I am learning to devote precious time to myself and am beginning to avoid always being at the disposal of others (being driven by guilt and duty).

More gentleness both toward me and the people who gravitate around me.
I am making great strides toward myself.

Now I focus (as recommended in the Report) on Meditation, mantra, drawing, yoga and being more aware of situations as I am experiencing them trying to stay in the here and now.

Letting go of anger and frustration are the cornerstones.

Everything depends on me and by my degree of resilience, of releasing my reactions.

So I feel more rested and release more easily the rational that was blocking me.

I have been to India several times and am studying psychological astrology; so I firmly believe that we are the fruit of what we have been (even in past lives) and our past actions.

It is not easy to come to such understanding and untie the knots definitively, but I believe that our most important call is precisely to seeking the deepest connection With ourselves.
Stefania Bolletti
Clerk and Artist

I also offer you my 


What does it mean? 

Simple, if in the first 30 days from your purchase you realize that the report on your Planet of Destiny is not for you, doesn't satisfy you, or doesn't look the way I described (which is impossible) I will refund you fully

I will not ask you questions

I won't ask for your motivation, you won't have to fill out tedious questionnaires or do strange bureaucratic procedures. 

Just send me a very simple email And I will immediately reimburse you for every single euro you paid.

In any case you will be 100% satisfied!

I am so sure you will like and benefit from the Report that I am taking all the risk. 

This is trust I have in the Report and the benefits it can give you. 

My certainty stems from years of field testing and from seeing hundreds of satisfied people who, like you, had the courage to choose to live life with awareness.

What really matters to me, in fact, is that you have the opportunity to transform your life for the better. 

For this I take full responsibility, even at the cost of losing out!

You have 30 days to test the Report.

I am so sure that you will finally have clarity about so many situations in your life and personality, that I'll take the risk Of losing the costs of reimbursement. 

You take care of your own welfare, I'll take care of the rest.

The procedure is very simple: click now on the GREEN BUTTON and you will access a safe and secure purchase form (Your data will always be protected). 

You can pay by Credit Card of any circuit, Prepaid Card, PostePay, Paypal or Bank Transfer. 

All forms of payment are certified and secure with the best modern encryption systems and through popular payment systems such as Stripe and Paypal. 

After payment you will finally have access to your Reserved Area and can enjoy your Customized report and your 3 Exclusive Bonuses whenever and wherever you want, with no time limits: 24/7.

To whom is the Planet of Destiny report not suitable?

Now I don't want to discourage you, but as I explained, my scientific background makes me a rational and realistic person, and I don't want to make false promises.

❌ The Report is NOT a pill you take that instantly solves your problems. 

❌ It is NOT morphine dose that magically puts all your difficulties to sleep (only to have them come back to you when you wake up) and gives you a sense of well-being without you having done anything to transform yourself. 

❌ The Report is NOT an aspirin you take to get rid of a headache in the moment without thinking about the cause of it. 

Our modern society accustoms us to treating the symptom And not the cause. But to treat the cause you have to be willing to go (at least a little) deep inside yourself. 

So many "healing methods" play on this: they cure the symptom (because it gives an immediate feel-good effect) but do not cure the problem that, at regular intervals, will pop up again, perhaps stronger and more acute.

❌ Here, the Report is NOT this, it is a profound thing. 

The Report is made to go to the root, cause and essence. 

Don't worry: I will guide you on the journey and do it in a gradual, fun and joyful way but...you have to be ready to put yourself out there. 

❌ If, on the other hand, you want everything and now without doing anything to grow the Report, sorry, it is NOT for you. 

You must be an introspective person or, at least, have a desire to change.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done“. 

In other words, if you want to grow and improve, you have to be ready to make small adjustments in your life so as to open the space for a flurry of newness. 

Of course, my advice will always be targeted to your personal situation so that you have the maximum benefit with the least effort. But that "least effort" you have to put in. 

❌ If you are not willing to this: the Report is NOT for you.

The Report on Your Planet of Destiny is a route that helps you bring out your innate talents and unleash your potential, creating true prosperity in your life. 

"Prosperity" means not only wealth in the material sense, but having a full and happy life in which you can realize yourself and your dreams.

In this adventure I accompany you page by page toward understanding how you can achieve your goal through practical remedies and a new way of looking at yourself, others, and your life.

Harmonizing to your Planet of Destiny takes off the handbrake of your success and enables you to embark on the journey to what you desire with energy, clarity and vision.

❌ However, if you expect That I only do the work for you or that I have a magic wand or some special mantra with which I can change your life without your commitment and your will, this path is NOT for you.

❌ If you think that just by reading the report once, quickly here and there, your life will be instantly transformed and you will achieve enlightenment without putting anything into practice, I must warn you that your expectations are NOT realistic.

I'm not asking you to blindly believe in what I tell you, but to read the Report calmly and carefully. 

I have created a step-by-step path that will lead you to see results soon, but you have to apply my advice With an open mind and a willingness to put yourself out there.

❌ If you are just looking for yet another (cheap) horoscope or yet another person who only tells you what you want to hear, the Report is NOT for you.

The Report is a key to open the door to your success.

❌ How much information has ended up in the meanderings of your PC, how many books have you bought that you barely read the table of contents of, how many consultations have you asked for from specialists and turned out to be holes in the water? 

The Report is NOT any of these things.

The Report has the potential to open up new visions and new worlds for you.

❌ If you are looking for an excuse to start complaining about your life again, to self-pity about how fate is against you, I tell you right now that I am NOT the right person for you to turn to.

Turn to me only if you REALLY want to change your situation. 

I will be glad to walk you through the process.

I tell you all this in full transparency because I do NOT want to sell you a Report, I want to give you a real and concrete opportunity to grow.

Who instead will benefit greatly from the Planet of Destiny Report?

✅ If you wish to turn the trials of life into opportunities for growth... 

✅ If you wish to realize that behind every problem or block is actually an infinite power to improve yourself... 

✅ If you understand that you need good tools to see things from the right perspective... 

You are in the right place!

✅ If you are ready to use the same time that people usually spend in complaining, to do something good and create your own destiny... 

✅ If you want help in becoming the "best version of yourself"... 

✅ If you want to learn the art of getting back up with wisdom and determination whenever you fall or make mistakes, getting right back on track with a winning attitude...

Then the Planet of Destiny Report. will be the natural step you can take to get what you are looking for.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world“.

✅ If you are tired of digging here and there into so many paths and solutions and finally want a clear method that gives you the tools to figure out independently (but always guided) what you are doing wrong and how to correct yourself immediately, you will always find in your Report theencouragement you need.

✅ If you are looking for a friendly person to point out where and what you are doing wrong and to push you to be your best, while respecting your time and your choices without judging you: I am here for you!

Some results will be visible in a very short time. 

You will find it easy to find aspects of yourself that you already sensed or that, over the years, others have pointed out to you but to which you had never really given any weight.

Other changes may take you a little more time and effort.

You will find that you have to "gradually change your course" from the one you have been following so far, but with the right attitude you will surely feel that each small step toward your Destiny Planet is actually a great achievement!

For you who have this courage and willingness to take the reins of your life into your own hands, to become a better person, and to make the world we live in more beautiful through your example, I have created the Personalized Planet of Destiny Report!

This is the story of Elizabeth:

"With this Report I wanted to understand. the blocks that held me back From birth to the present.

I am working on what I have been told through spiritual practices, Maha Mantra chanting, personal Mantra chanting and readings.

With the Report I am much more careful And I became aware of what was projecting me in a non-positive way toward others .

I realized that everything that was latent with the Report. Has been projected onto a material plane... visible and recognizable by me ...

The Report led me to reflect and work on these points: My beauty lies in giving to others according to their true needs, without neglecting my own needs.

I can truly give Love to others only if I'm connected to the original source of Love, I have to shake off the crucifer syndrome.

The Planet of Destiny or otherwise the elaboration of the natal plan are excellent tools that allow you to walk the right ROAD without wasting energy unnecessarily.

I realized that my problem is not the problem itself, but is the how I see the problem.

The more I crystallize in my mind, the bigger the problem becomes.

Quietly, rereading the Planet of Destiny from time to time., reciting the mantras and Personal Mantra everything is seen in a different perspective.

It struck me VERY much that doing the elaboration of an astrological natal plan or the Planet of Destiny, through the relationship astrologer and person listening to the reading, stagnant energies unblock.

An essential tool for channeling our energy in the best possible way.

If I had known a Vedic astrologer years ago, he would have prevented me from making multiple mistakes."
Elisabetta Fusari
Teacher of Hatha Yoga, Pilates and gymnastics (Arjuna Yoga ASD)


I will point out that the price is so low that close people and fellow programmers who know the intricacies of my software (and have seen me work so hard on this project) they consider me insane to offer it at such an affordable promotion that it barely covers expenses. 

You, too, when you have your Report in your hand will quickly realize that....

Effectively given the expense of managing and maintaining all the services involved in the creation of this Report and the management of the Restricted Area, I reserve the right to raise the price at any time.

So I hope you will also be one of the lucky ones who will be able to access the Planet of Destiny Personalized Report at this discounted price. 

THE exclusive material you find in your Planet of Destiny Custom Report.

To sum up, in this promotion you find: 

So now you have two options

❌ La first possibility is to keep waiting for solutions to "rain" from the sky and for your life to "automatically" change, without you having to develop a greater understanding of the dynamics that block your potential. 

❌ It consists of seeking solution "DIY" that are inconclusive and result in a waste of time, resources and money.

❌ You can search for "pills" o "magic wands" who do the work for you without challenging you, running into the usual "holes in the water." 

✅ Or the second possibility is to be guided along this path by effective tools that can considerably speed your progress toward the result you yourself want to achieve. 

✅ With the Personalized Planet of Destiny Report you will finally know who you are and what the universe is asking of you to be in harmony with yourself and the world around you.

✅ Below are the testimonials of hundreds of people who have chosen to take the Planet of Destiny path. 

You too can turn your life around!    

Learn the story of those who experienced the Planet of Destiny Report

This is Marzia's story:

"I gained more knowledge of myself and the energies that move me.

Awareness even of my own gray areas....

I realized that I must meet the control over my emotional instances.

I already come from a path of self-awareness though. The Report offered me greater understanding of the consequences of my actions.

It gave me more responsibility for the happenings in my life.

I see or seem to see more clearly the movements of my ego and its consequences....

I am more serene and see and feel life and all that it entails differently.

The Report showed me. my natal planets and their influences/teachings on my life, amazing!

I am following the practical advice.

I perform daily meditation... I listen to myself....

The consequences are: greater clarity, increased awareness, serenity, confidence, perhaps understanding of others' acts, decreased tachycardia....

Responsible acceptance and understanding of happenings. Your advice has been positive for me...the continuation I think is individual path..."
Marzia Ramponi
Retired woman

This is Monica's story:

I bought the Report moved by the Need to understand what was happening to me.

I needed to evaluate a new point of view.

The will to go beyond appearance.

I wanted to acquire the ability to accept the twists and turns Of life.

I definitely have more awareness now.

Among the lessons I learned:

- Modulating empathy before overflow and subsequent closure.

- Caring for others, nature and animals.

- Do not abuse my patience, strive to accomplish what I strive for.

They are being studied and observed.

I looked at Saturn with new eyes and, for the first time, I valued the spirit of caring as well as structuring.

La karmic mission with which it is invested disguised as a sense of duty.

Something you get to in the second half of life....

Reading the Report moved many things.

My position has changed: I have much more patience and fewer emotional aspects to satisfy.

Like you see things from above.

I'm less critical of myself, more open to acceptance, to looking at what's underneath.

I was most struck by the Report's lucidity and perceiving a very deep basic human knowledge common to every individual.

In the end we are simple beings, if only we would stick to what we really need....
Monica Gorza

This is Adriana's story:

"My themes were work and relationships. ...and that staying somewhat defiladed in the back makes me feel safe, and this need of mine prevails even over the other hyper-creative part of me that wants to emerge and self-actualize.

I do not consider it a matter of avoiding taking responsibility for others as well, as much as that of protecting my own joy and intimacy.

Containing my enthusiasm is not always easy as well as having to expose myself to more "widening looks" alarms me.

And then every time I have "opened up" life has always then presented me with a steep bill, very steep!

With the Report, I realized that I can only succeed in "giving help to others" after connecting to the original source of Love.

Manifesting Compassion means helping "others" understand and address their true needs.

This does not create dependence or a sense of exploitation.

I realized that I need to observe myself with more "presence and awareness" understanding the intention that moves me to act, integrating my needs as I live, work interact and love.

I am now on the road to definition, I hope having, after the Report, named my "boycotters."

I was happily surprised that what I understood about myself had already been written in the stars with pinpoint accuracy.

I was able to give myself self-empathy and I was also able to tell myself, "You are not crazy or a victim, what you heard is true."

I legitimized my feelings, experiences and interpretations.

The first remedy, that of the mantra, does not As soon as I recited it out loud, I burst into tears, (it still happens to me today to cry) made me feel heard and understood, and most of all present.

A fundamental tool, Vedic Astrology, for knowing oneself, for exploring the depths of the human soul, for aligning oneself with one's life purpose and purpose, for To have answers to questions latent within me.."
Adriana Romeo
Lawyer Mediator

This is Ada's story:

"I had recurring financial problems.

Lack of respect.

Difficulties in relationship with mother.

Constant changes of home.

All this is explained by Saturn In House 4, the home of the mother and the dwellings.

I have not solved the financial problem, but I have realized that I must be patient.

There are things I can change (and where I need to invest my energy) and things that I need to accept and harmonize with my life instead.

This awareness allows me to Living my challenges in a much lighter way And I feel much less burdened.

I was amazed at the correspondence of the "diagnosis" with my French Vedic astrologer.

I have long been familiar with Vedic Astrology. I find it very reliable.

I am re-reading the file on the planet of destiny, I always find new insights.

I listen to the personal mantra every day with great benefit, It gives me such peace of mind. "
Ada Zilli

This is the story of Alessandra:

"I was stuck in communication, in recent years I ended several relationships with people because I felt betrayed, not understood and rejected.

In the past few months, thanks to the Report, I have been able to see some dark sides of my personality, which I am trying to cope and understand, accept and transform.

I am now aware that some events that have happened in the past have been fueled by my taking everything personally, being rigid with others and especially with myself.

But now I also know that life presents us with challenges to evolve and overcome ourselves, or rather that ego to which we cling so much.

I know that for overcome my resistance I have to implement real change and do things I would never have done before, give myself discipline and have someone to help guide me (without always doing everything myself).

I realized I could To be of help to other people and I was born to communicate, but at the same time verbal communication to date requires my greatest attention.

The Report confirmed to me that I have a very strong sensitivity, I understand immediately what the other person is feeling, and I could be really very empathetic.

But I often get overwhelmed by emotions (especially if I take it personally) and react by shutting down or criticizing the attitudes of others.

I confirm that I am very creative, curious and always want to know new things, but I often get lost, I feel that I lack discipline.

I can say that they are now much more aware of my potential.

I know that the events that happen to us, though incomprehensible at first, happened to give us a lesson.

Indeed life often repeats the same dynamics... and they are gifts to be welcomed, they are opportunities to overcome the egoic idea we have of ourselves, and to become better people ... to become "the best version of ourselves."

This is a great lesson I learned from the Planet of Destiny.

I know that to overcome myself I have to let go of my rigidities and I should trust and rely on someone.

I am on the road to solving my problem because I am much more aware of my emotions.

I see them right away, and although at first I get carried away by them causing them to implode within me, I try to block the "automatic reactions" and stay in the present.

I try to take in my emotions And look them in the face.

I am training in theexpose my thoughts, making them flow naturally (avoiding the dam effect that sooner or later collapses).

I know that life will reintroduce me lessons to be learned.

The planet of destiny reveals a big part of the way we are.

I want to delve deeper and understand what my soul craves and I really want to be the best version of myself.

Knowing about be part of an astral design stimulates my innate curiosity as an artist.

Thanks to this desire for transformation I started yoga again today.

I 'accidentally' found a type of yoga, yin yoga, that I am sure will help me in being in the here and now and letting emotions flow, being in listening, that is the lesson I need to integrate.

I am happily listening to the personal mantra and reading the Planet of Destiny report often. Each time I discover something new.

I was already familiar with Vedic astrology; I had done counseling for my birth chart in the past, and I was so impressed that I told myself: wow, now it all makes sense!

I purchased the report because I felt the need to deepen some blocks that I carry around with me and yes that recur punctually every year (although in different forms and each time with greater awareness).

I feel that my way of being true is somehow blocked by some of my roughness or resistance and I no longer want these to influence my relationships.."
Alessandra Gugliara
Artisan and Artist

This is Monica's story:

"My desire was mainly to better understand why certain painful situations constantly recurred in my life.

How some situations,then,were going to undermine my personal relationships.

I understood which aspects of my astrological personality may lead me away from the goals I wish to pursue.
From the Report I understood which aspects of my astrological personality can lead me to realize my goals.

I realized that my strengths are an interest in inner progress, an innate desire to be of help to others, and the strength to cope with difficulties.

Knowledge of my strengths and weaknesses taught me that I can only find my true strength by trying to keep myself humble in every situation, always scaling back the desire to assert myself, yet keeping my focus on my goals and doing what it takes to achieve them.

Having better understood the task of my soul in this life, I realized that that must be my constant object of observation, only then can I think of Avoid relapsing into painful and recurring situations.

It struck me that the study on my planet of destiny, has perfectly photographed my personality.
I was also struck by the fact that I found some descriptions of myself in which I found myself perfectly, without having had any real awareness of it before.

I am applying the advice and I realized that if I keep the focus on the lesson I need to learn in this life, taking it on precisely as my primary task, magically, all the advice is able to be applied with relative ease and change comes bringing joy as well.

I was very satisfied."
Monica De Gregorio
Social Worker

This is the story of Jade:

"I recently purchased the Planet of Destiny report accepting the 40-day challenge.

My path of awareness began five years ago, I suffered from anxiety and depression arising from the loss of myself.

I no longer knew who I was, not understanding why I was reliving the same negative situations with some frequency.

I was lonely.

Every day I gain more and more awareness.

It's amazing how the report brought out so many aspects of me. I didn't understand or accept before.

I'm a warrior by nature, I've always known it within myself, and accepting this truth has opened up a world for me.

I used to feel stuck in a world of materialism, but when all that vanished, I found myself wandering in nothingness.

I asked myself, Who am I? What am I going to do now?

With the planet of destiny I got important answers.

No doubt nonviolence is my lesson to learn.

I suffered a lot of it but I used the same weapon with those who hurt me, not understanding that I was hurting myself. I succeed in many activities by living the however as my superiority over others.

Competition has always been my attitude but from now on I will not try to excel over anything or anyone. I have become a vegetarian and that has opened me up to compassion.

I certainly gained more understanding of myself.

Some things were a confirmeda.

I am a warrior it is true, but I care about the welfare of everyone.

I very often find myself helping people in need who, like me, had lost their way.

I learned that life is not a war but every day another roundabout ride.

I learned that everyone has their own story, their own difficulties, and that no one wants to hurt me.

I am learning to channel my energies through yoga and meditation. Fortunately, my thirst for knowledge shields me from the ravages of ignorance.

I get more involved, take a stand but avoid "destructive conflict."

They are certainly on the way to a solution, toward evolution.

Every day I learn something new But I am aware that there is still a long way to go.

I want to enjoy this journey with a totally open mind.

And now more than ever I am close to understanding myself, I am still not sure what my real goal of this earthly experience is.

But I feel I have a message to carry forward, an ideal.

I found myself in many of the descriptions regarding my astrological personality type.

It is amazing how the planets affect our being.

I had no idea they had such power.

Knowledge is the first step toward evolution And I am glad I bought the report.

I am applying all the advice given. Some are simple some are more complex.

I realize now how difficult it is to give up one habit by replacing it with another. But nothing is impossible, and I always try, try and try again until I succeed; I have always been this way.

I am gaining more harmony more balance.

I am devoting myself to reciting the mantra feeling it more my own every day.

Not eating meat and fish makes me be in harmony with my being by bringing out the compassion that was imprisoned in my heart.

That veil of sadness is turning into light And I realized that I too am special and have something to give to this world.

I was not familiar with Vedic Astrology at all. I became very passionate about it by reading the Star Yoga articles and that prompted me to purchase the report.

To have known her before!

But this was the right time.

This mixture of spirituality and science has me very passionate about it.

Discovering that planets have this strong power fascinated me."
Giada Gresta
Housewife and Full-Time Mom

This is the story of Mary:

I was in a moment of personal crisis, constantly searching for my dharma, my direction in life.

I had a desire for self-assertion.

I got from the Report confirmation of what makes me move: the pursuit of beauty understood as true art, purity, transparency, devotion, respect and protection.

Looking for the "True Love" while rejecting such widespread manipulation and exploitation of both people and all the resources of nature and animals.

I understood the need to resolve excessive emotionality.

My strengths are to work in a spirit of service (in the female sphere probably), to seek the beautiful, to resolve the thirst for love that makes one a victim of predators.

I had many important confirmations.

I recognize Vedic Astrology as a science, I feel it as a true beacon to illuminate one's swa-dharma
Maria Alvaro
Hatha yoga teacher

This is Lucia's story:

"I have known Vedic astrology for about six years.

And it helped me a lot to understand that you have to accept your karma and try to live it the best you can, trying to transforming negative situations Or cmay experience them with greater awareness.

The planet of fate is helping me in this.

It sheds light on the truth.

Now I try to control the urges that lead me to have nonleadership behaviors.

I have been working on it every day for the past year in particular, and the progress can be seen.

It takes acceptance, awareness and willingness.

The thing that struck me the most is that he has to become a leader.

I wouldn't have said.

Now I understand the myriad relational difficulties."
Lucia Geusa
Sales Account

This is Eleanor's story:

"My obstacles?

Always try to be indispensable to others.

Running out of energy to help others.

Do not give enough weight to prayer.

With the Report I realized that I need to focus more on myself, without entrenching myself in solitude but letting others into my life without attachment.

I realized that helping others is my mission, so I can succeed in helping without exhausting myself.

I realized that my energies are not infinite and that there is a need to recharge by reconnecting with oneself and with a higher source of Love and Energy.

I am still learning.

Let's say that after reading the Report I try to Reading reality from a new perspective.

I try to suffer less in relationships, to take things less personally.

Often the people we give so much to is not that they do not want to give back the energy we have given them, but they often cannot do so because they too have so many blocks to deal with on a daily basis.

What did I like the most?

The accuracy of the report: the directions are well argued and the recorded mantra is the icing on the cake!

Now I suffer less: awareness really does make that much of a difference."
Eleonora Antichi
Saleswoman, student, aspiring teacher

This is Barbara's story:

"My block was swallowed anger that had turned into stasis and paralysis and addiction.

Your Report guided me, illuminating an aspect I had never considered: me so lunar "good" "Sensitive" "empathetic"... it was my Heart asking to listen!

This illumination electrocuted me.

I couldn't believe it And simultaneously true joy flowed from my soul in jubilation.

I now know with a strength that I did not suspect dwelt in me, that Love includes me and that my heart as well as others knows and desires to fill me.

I learned that I am responsible for my Garden and that I have the strength and ability to walk the path of true love with my own feet.

I feel in my heart a golden lion, calm strong and brave.

Now I feel protected by me without feeling that I have turned into a cold and detached being.

Indeed I know that from my Source flows the infinite abundance that I have been seeking all my life. I took the first step. I said what my heart asked for but felt no right to live.

Fear and anger are gently coming home and their voice is now finding deep listening in me, in my heart home and their voice is turning into simple requests that I now know I can fulfill.

The vision you offered me was like finally finding the clothes I had always been looking for... sensitivity and the search for True love had always guided me but I thought they were just luxuries, that before it was to practical money and ambition that I had to turn my energies... it is as if now, wrapped up in my true nature, everything I re-look at, finally speaks to me a language that I know.

I recite my mantra with love whenever I can and meditate and chant (I always loved chanting so much, and I was amazed!).

It's only a few days but it's like having put the house in order-everything is the same but at the same time brighter, smelling better, and giving me joy.

The benefit I feel is to finally walk in a body that belongs to me, in a world I understand.

Before I met you, I was not familiar with Vedic astrology...all I can say is that I am simply astounded at the Revelation that gently now inhabits me.

I had never felt so at home in myself.."
Barbara Morello
Ceramist and Interpreter

This is Alberto's story:

"Apart from the many problems of life, curiosity drove me to the planet of destiny.

As soon as I read it, I recognized myself immediately...and I also felt some excitement!

I have realized that the ups and downs, which often affect me, are only transient, like the seasons, and I try to remain equanimous, both in joy, and in suffering, although it still doesn't come easy to me!

I now know that I must learn humility, real humility, not humiliation ...curb pride, and search deeper for Spirituality!

It has struck me that the ups and downs follow each other and I feel as if I am being held back, as if something is blocking my potential.

I feel that my potential is untapped or only partially untapped!

Now I have a direction to disgorge it."
Alberto Abati

This is Raffaella's story:

"I had a need to understand what was blocking me.

I was impressed precision With which my blocks are enumerated.

I now have a clearer vision.

Many things described in the Report I find them daily in my life Is so I try to become aware of it.

I now have an overview of the Because some situations are repeated (constantly) in my life.

This allows me to face them with greater confidence and awareness.

It struck me that Vedic astrology can say so much about me. And of my character only by the date of my birth. "
Raffaella Del Turco
Yoga Teacher

This is Roberta's story:

"I have wanted to know about the Planet of Destiny mainly out of curiosity, but my main block is lack of self-esteem.

I earned a new vision of my life: With the Planet of Destiny, it was like observing. a precious stone From a different angle, more hidden and with different reflections....

The Planet of Destiny was very clear: I need to work on humility -- "true humility"....

That seems to jar with my blockage....

And, in fact, it is very relevant....

I have learned and am, slowly, still learning.

The discovery of the Planet of Destiny was strong, especially the "weak" spots, certainly went to illuminate the dark spots.... Those that are held tightly at the bottom of the belly....

Very very very exciting, interesting and really intense.

I have been working on my self-esteem for some time now, in small steps I am improving.

Certainly the Planet of Destiny has given me new and very interesting points to think about.

I was struck by such a sharp focus on my personality.... Really strong as a thing....

Now I am putting the advice into practice and it's definitely getting better because I feel like I'm even more on the right track for my growth.

I was not familiar with Vedic Astrology and it was a beautiful discovery."
Roberta Mantovani

This is Ivana's story:

"I was dedicated to others (not to me) I realized only as a retiree that it is my special aptitude.
I have learned, especially with you, that accepting me is beautiful And that is not to be asked of other humans.

The Report reading and Vedic encounters have allowed me to feel more secure in this land today quite unkempt and I no longer wish to be accepted for my choices.

They are choices from my history, they belong to me and represent my truth.

I think I will still have some time to complete this truth because I feel, inside me, I still have black holes but I am optimistic: if I don't get there at 80 I will get there at 90!

The earthly world will support me a little more.

Above all, I got some confirmations about my current social actions.

VENUS I never would have imagined, but now I have found out why my big dream as a teenager was High School Art.

My many energies I willingly donated to others (am I proud of that-that is, did I make it an instrument of the Ego?).


This is a discovery that explains some doubts about me.

I am now quite convinced that Vedic astrology is all truth and especially that it reads in the DEEP."
Ivana Gardenghi
Retired accountant

This is the story of Hadrian:

"The astrological consultation and the planet of destiny I see as good work!

I was very impressed with my destiny planet Venus, the "Aesthete" this last was the alias given to me by my work colleagues.

I definitely gained more clarity and awareness of how astral influence is instrumental in one's choices, most of the time we think that choices are subordinate to our free will however in reality this is not so, it is just an illusion.

If you don't have awareness and knowledge the subtle forces automatically pilot you and unfortunately many times lead you to a disastrous existence.

From this I understood that astral forces (as much as is possible). it is better to mold them Through meditation and mantras.

Knowing the characteristics of the planets and how they affect is already an advantage."
Adriano Traversa
Dental technician

This is Andrea's story:

"I felt I was in an existential stasis.

After reading the Report I have more awareness of the goals to be achieved.

The points I need to work on are humility and resilience.

I learned to be more consistent in my goals by committing to being more resilient and changing some specific behaviors that were blocking me.

I was amazed at the accuracy of the report and the affinity with me.

Vedic Astrology is a very interesting discipline."
Andrea Comandini
Physiotherapist and Director of Chiro Remedies (chiroremedies.com)

This is Cinzia's story:

"My problem was in the couple relationship. From the Report I realized that I have to balance strong individualism with empathy and sensitivity.

I had confirmation of my own difficulty in realizing my desires (also because of logistical problems, time, etc.).

Working on it!

I am a fan of astrology but I know that some scholars of this discipline believe that with the precession of the equinoxes, astrological analyses change even by a few degrees, confirming the theses of Vedic astrology...

I was struck by this different approach to astrology.

In fact, I am waiting for a propitious moment (i.e., for me a moment of calm...) to do a more in-depth consultation..."
Cinzia Zarra

This is the story of Alessandra:

"I couldn't look beyond things.

Now I can be more pragmatic And reflective in the face of problems.

The Report revealed to me that my lesson is nonviolence.

So I learned to count before I acted.

I am impressed by the accuracy with which you are described.

I gained greater serenity.

I was not familiar with Vedic Astrology but now I am pleasantly convinced."
Alessandra Rizzo

This is the story of Joseph:

"What really struck me about the Planet of Destiny Report is the concept of "passive anger".

I realized that I used passive violence in the past without realizing it. I thought I was not getting angry, but instead I was manifesting anger in other ways.

I discovered that I am a warrior, but the real battles I have to fight are only inner battles (to let the brighter aspect of me win).

I also understood that thefeed with a vegetarian diet helps my astrological personality type handle emotions better.
I now recognize passivity, anger and rage in myself; and, most importantly, I have tools to transform these attitudes in a constructive way.

It struck me that karma is not something that you just suffer, but it is something that can be managed.
I was not familiar with Vedic Astrology, and I see it as the method closest to the transformation Of the human being."
Joseph Mazzola
Social and health aide

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