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Welcome to the sky column according to Vedic astrology. I had decided to do just a video on the June sky (you can find it at the end of the article), instead of writing an article.

However, I also decided to do an article with a transcript of the highlights. You can find it below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Venus and Mercury strongly combusted

Let's start right away by going to see what is happening in the sky in June 2024. I have titled this month "Venus and Mercury strongly combusted" because one of the main characteristics is the strong combustion of these two planets. These two planets, rajasic and very active, are associated with prosperity and wealth, but also with thelove (Venus) and to the communication (Mercury). When afflicted, these areas can be disturbed.

Let's see what happens. I have prepared a list of key events And at the end of this video I will tell you about some of the special moment and of the holidays of this month. Let's start with the more "complicated" combinations to understand this month's energies and how we can counterbalance them.

Saturn static. Jupiter in combustion, but briefly....

Let's start with the slowest planet, Saturn. This month, Saturn will remain in Aquarius, as it will until March 2025. However, toward the end of the month, Saturn will turn retrograde, and we will discuss this later.

As for Jupiter, in the past few months has transited the sign of Taurus. Jupiter was in combustion until June 3, and on June 4 it has already come out. We are happy for Jupiter because when it is combusted by the Sun, its indicators tend to burn out. Now that Jupiter is out of combustion, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

A scorched Venus...

We carry with us from last month, May, the burning of another important planet, Venus. Venus will be combusted until July 11, so it will be throughout this month. Being the planet of thelove and of the reports, Venus combustion can afflict these areas of life. The Sunshine, being a element of fire, tends to burn while Venus, being a water element, is affected by the Sun's heat.

Now, For those studying Vedic astrology with me in the Academy., knows that this would not be total combustion.

Because to be a total combustion between the Sun and Venus, Venus should be retrograde, which it is not.

So what happens?

Venus, though encompassed by the Sun, stands in front of the Sun. Venus' energy is still present, but it is covered and heated by the Sun.

What does this mean?

That there will be many emotions And these will require our own purification. If Venus were completely eclipsed by the Sun, there would be no emotions, but this is not the case. In our case, there will be many emotions in the air (perhaps too many), but these emotions will be overheated by combustion. They will be somewhat stuck, not in the sense of apathy or lack of emotions, but in the sense that these emotions will be very strong and boiling in the veins. So, we expect intense, hot, very hot emotions anyway. Our inner work will consist of purifying them, bring them to a more anemic and universal plane.

Therefore, attention to relationships, because there can be too much emotion, especially toward authorities and authority figures. When there is a combustion, it indicates a period when that planet's indicator needs to be purified. In this case, the whole month represents a time when we can feel that our emotions are in a stage of purification and transformation. We must tolerate this within ourselves, knowing that it is part of a process of inner purification and transformation.

Let's not worry if old emotions emerge, especially those toward authorities or people who have been landmarks in our lives, since that is what is indicated by the Sun. Fortunately, there is Jupiter spiritualizing this combination, although Jupiter is Venus' enemy, so from this perspective it will fuel Venus' purification.

Therefore, the emotions we will experience in this month are to be regarded as a purification. We must also understand the people around us Who are going through a purification. Unwanted emotions may emerge, but the people around us are also being purified. We need to be tolerant, knowing that if past problems or relational situations emerge that need to be resolved, we must face them with courage. We breathe deeply and welcome these emotions as part of our purification process.

Venus too close to the Sun

Another key point is that Venus will come very close to the Sun, completely entering the Sun's orbit and disk. From a geocentric perspective, we will see Venus positioned very close to the Sun. In particular, through June 9, will be the most critical situation for Venus, as it will be located at only one degree of distance from the Sun. This combustion combined with a planetary struggle Is very intense right now.

From June 9, Venus will begin to move away from the Sun., gradually improving the situation. The most critical and intense part of the purification will certainly be until June 9, after which it will slowly fade away. The distance between Venus and the Sun will gradually increase from one degree to two, three, four and so on. However, the burning, and thus the purification process, will persist until July 11, covering the entire month.

Ready for transformation

So let's roll up our sleeves, breathe deeply and prepare to do inner work. We need to observe our emotions, let go and transform, even though the process can be overheating and exhausting. Obviously, when a person has a spiritual practice, meditation, and is ready to embrace transformation, the emotional process becomes easier.

When we are not ready, when we resist and see life as a series of misfortunes that happen only to us, the process naturally becomes more painful. Being open to transformation and considering emotions as part of a growth journey can help make this period more manageable and less burdensome.

Having said that, so we talked about the position of Saturn, the combustion of Jupiter that is already completed and the combustion of Venus.

Struggles and conflicts: a treacherous Mars

There is another important point: the Gandanta of Mars. Mars will move from the position of Pisces. to Aries And in order to do so he will go from a water sign to a fire sign. This is called Gandanta, a karmic knot.

Through June 6, also combined with the position of Venus, you have to be beware of conflict. Venus takes us to an emotional level, and Mars, being in Gandanta, can exacerbate these emotions, turning them into conflict. So we have to be very careful, as it can be an intense situation. Unfortunately, even at the global level, emotions and conflicts can intensify.

Please write me in the chat or below the video if you would like to have a meeting regarding the world situation. If there is enough interest, maybe we will dedicate a meeting in a few weeks to talk about the new Vedic year that started in April. If you like, we will also talk globally. The purpose of these monthly columns is not so much to talk about the world, but about the energies in the planets, so that we as individuals can make good use of these energies for our personal growth and evolution. This is the purpose of these meetings. However, nothing prevents us from holding specific meetings to talk about mundane astrology, that is, how the planets affect the world.

Now, we focus on on a personal level, trying to figure out how to survive this month or, better yet, how to make the most of this month's energy. That is the purpose of these meetings and this column.

The Gandanta of Mars will be relevant until June 6. We pay attention to this martial, movement energy. Mars represents energy in its pure but raw state, so there may be an excess of energy, making one feel in a transition phase at the level of anger, rage and resentment, because the emotions are certainly intensified by the Sun's burning on Venus.

Mars leaves Rahu's clutch

On June 1, Mars will come out of Stambana. Previously, Mars was under the clutches of Rahu at least until it went into Aries. In Aries, Mars is in a good condition, in domicile. Therefore, once it passes June 6, coming out of the Gandanta condition, Mars will be in a favorable and positive position.

Mars in domicile represents Agni, fire, so it is auspicious to do any kind of ritual that has to do with fire. For example, one of the recommended practices might be to lighting a candle every Tuesday, since Tuesday is Mars' day, to foster this energy of Agni and strength. Those who have felt with less energy and more fatigue in the last month, due to the conjunction of Mars and Rahu, may feel an improvement after June 1, when Mars leaves Stambana.

This increased energy will be even more evident after June 6. We can take back that energy that had been sucked up by Rahu, leaving us somewhat lacking in strength and with a sense of weakness. So if you felt particular fatigue or listlessness, that was due to this combination, but it will get better as Mars becomes strong in Aries.

Mercury is also combusted

June 2 through June 27, so for almost the entire month, another planet will enter combustion, so it will be burned by the Sun: Mercury. From June 2, we have already entered this time, in addition to Venus, Mercury, which has to do with communication, will also be combusted. So if the planet of emotions and the planet of communication and social interaction are combusted by the Sun, they have to purify and transform.

This month we need to be careful about how we speak and how we show our emotions. We need to be introspective and think several times before we speak, as this will help us avoid creating damage or disaster. Mercury will be combusted from June 2 to June 27, joining the combustion of Venus. Jupiter, as we said, is no longer combusted after June 3, so it is out of combustion.

It will be critical, in particular, the period from June 13 to June 15. These days will be particularly difficult because Mercury will enter completely in the orbit of the Sun And it will be completely eclipsed. It will be difficult to communicate, especially on material topics. Advertising or communicating on a material level will be complicated. On the contrary, as far as the spirit is concerned, talking about spiritual and evolutionary topics will be facilitated, since the Sun, being the soul of all (Sarvatma), as Parashara Muni, the father of Vedic astrology, says, favors all that is spiritual.

The esoteric significance of Mercury and Venus combusti

Therefore, it is true that Venus and Mercury are combusted, which means that materially, emotions, relationships, comforts (Venus), communication, everything technological, artificial intelligence and social media (Mercury) will be scorched, blocked and eclipsed by the Sun. However, from a spiritual point of view, all the evolved emotions of Venus will be favored, such as the bhakti, the yoga of love. At the same time, all that is communicated in spiritual and evolutionary terms will be favored.

Combustion disfavors our approach to material life under the influence of Venus and Mercury, but it favors and purifies the spiritual aspect of these planets. This is also emphasized by the presence of Jupiter. Among the important combinations is that between Mercury and Jupiter, which we have been carrying since the past few months and which represents the Bhagavad Gita Yoga. Through June 14, when Mercury enters Gemini, the Bhagavad Gita will be a very powerful astrological remedy. Reading and listening to the Bhagavad Gita will be extremely beneficial.

Many of you know that we have a podcast on Patreon dedicated to the Bhagavad Gita, called "Podcast for Modern Yogis", where we cover the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and other texts. It is a good opportunity to listen, talk and discuss the Bhagavad Gita.

In addition, between June 4 and 5, there will be a planetary struggle between Mercury and Jupiter. These two planets will come into such close proximity that they will be less than a degree apart, an event called "yuddha" or planetary struggle. This struggle is very reminiscent of the Bhagavad Gita, where the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna takes place in the context of battle. So between today and tomorrow, reading passages from the Bhagavad Gita and remembering this dialogue will be extremely powerful.

This period invites us to reflect on our communications and emotions, and to do inner work of purification, using spiritual energies to evolve and grow.

Venus flees into Gemini

Perfect, so let's move on to this month's major planetary shifts. We have seen the combustions, which will be one of the most important phenomena. We have seen the planetary struggle between Mercury and Jupiter and the Bhagavad Gita Yoga. This combination happens in a Venus sign. Venus was in domicile, but will now leave Taurus and go into Gemini. In fact, Venus, Mercury and the Sun are all about to move into Gemini, leaving Jupiter alone.

Let's look at this combination. First, Venus will enter Gemini on June 12.

Will this improve the situation of Venus? No, it actually makes it worse, because in Taurus Venus is in domicile, so it is stronger. Even though Gemini is a friendly sign, the Venus situation gets slightly worse, especially since it remains close to the Sun in combustion. The combustion will still last until July 11, even though Venus has moved out of sign.

Mercury returns to its base in Gemini

Mercury, on the other hand, will enter Gemini on June 14., two days later. For Mercury, the situation improves, because in Gemini Mercury is in domicile, so it is stronger and we will have a chance to feel the energy of Tatva Devata. The Tattva Devata of Mercury, which holds the Earth element, is Ganesh. So, those of you who are interested can pray. Ganesha, this beautiful deity son of Shiva with an elephant's head, to remove all obstacles. Ganesha is the Tattva Devata of Mercury.

Mercury, being in his element and house, will be fortified. By being fortified, it increases the element Earth, so we can feel more grounded. This will be a beautiful time, from June 14 onward, to reconnect with the energy of the Earth and nature. Although Mercury is stronger, let us not forget that it is still burned by the Sun. However, as we have said, the Sun disfavors all material activities but Promotes all purification activities and transformation. So although it might disfavor communication, advertising or other material activities ruled by Mercury, from a spiritual point of view, If we reconnect with Mother Earth and rediscover our spiritual roots, this Mercury transit will fortify the Earth element and help us in this process.

All in Gemini!

Mithuna Sankranti, June 14., indicates that the Sun also enters Mithuna, or Gemini.

Thus, we see that the most important transits this month include Mars entering Aries, and Venus, the Sun and Mercury entering Gemini.

This configures the June sky so that one of the main features is the burning of these two planets, indicating that this month is not made to enjoy or communicate on a material level, but to purify our Venus and Mercury. If we use this month to perform this purification, we will gain great benefits and significant transformation, since the Sun is the great purifier and transformer.

Another important date is from the June 16 to June 18, when we have a planetary struggle between Mercury and Venus. These two planets, symbolizing love and communication, will come into conflict, which still suggests that we should be careful in communications and relationships. Will words win or will feelings predominate?

Where there is conflict, there can be interpersonal and personal tension, such as a conflict between our emotions and our desire to express ourselves. This can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties in managing one's emotions.

Good news for Mercury at the end of the month

At the end of the month, on June 29, Mercury will leave this combination and come out of combustion on June 27. From then on, Mercury will no longer be negatively affected by the Sun and will become stronger, making communications easier from a material point of view as well. Mercury, being the planet of the market, economic transitions and work, will facilitate these areas of life and allow us to breathe easier.

On June 29, Mercury will enter the sign of Cancer., after spending two days at his residence.

In parallel, always June 29, Saturn will turn retrograde. This further planetary change will influence the dynamics of the month, with Saturn retrograde inviting more introspection and revision of structures in our lives.

We summarize the important dates

So, to summarize:

  • June 14: Mithuna Sankranti, the Sun enters Gemini.
  • June 16-18: Planetary struggle between Mercury and Venus.
  • June 27: Mercury comes out of combustion.
  • June 29: Mercury enters Cancer and Saturn goes retrograde.

We take these dates and their influences into account to better navigate June's energies and harness them for our personal growth and transformation.

The role of combustion in our progress

But before I tell you about Saturn Retrograde, which is the last event I want to mention for this month, I wanted to tell you more about combustion.

For those of you who work in companies, it may be that you feel stronger the hegemony or strength of bosses, leaders, which can become more oppressive. At the national level, we can feel more the weight of the state, of its choices. Also, we know that this month there will be European elections, and we are facing a world, especially in Europe, that is changing a lot, with Europe taking more and more power over the sovereign states. We have yet to see where this will lead, whether toward a federation or centralized power. The Sun creating a combustion on Mercury and Venus may imply this force that is being established and is encompassing the other smaller forces on a larger, global level.

At the individual level, we may find more difficulty with all authority figures, such as leaders, fathers and all people who exercise authority over us. We may feel that that authority burns us, that we would like to run away, that we would like to change. There is a mantra that can be recited, called the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra. Since Shiva is the pratyadi devata of the Sun, this famous mantra, which we find in the Rig Veda, has the power to lighten the fire manifested by the Sun.

In addition, a daily meditation is always recommended. The Maha Mantra Hare Krsna, for example, can help us connect to our deeper nature and experience planetary energy more consciously.

Saturn retrograde and the heart chakra

That said, the last transit that will happen right at the end of the month will be Saturn retrograde. Saturn will change from its direct motion to retrograde motion as of June 29. During this period, it will be stationary for some time before beginning its retrograde motion.

This change of motion indicates a period of introspection and revision of structures and responsibilities in our lives. Saturn retrograde invites us to Review and reconsider our commitments and mental structures, leading us to deeper reflection on how we handle our responsibilities and authority.

When a planet is retrograde, usually decompensates a particular chakra. In this case, the chakra being decompensated is the heart chakra, the chakra of emotions.

Again, this month calls us back to managing our emotions. We will have Venus in combustion until July 11 and Saturn retrograde which decompresses emotions. We will have Saturn retrograde for a few months, so we have to be careful with the heart chakra.

What does it mean to decompensate the heart chakra?

It means that we may feel at certain times extremely emotional, with very intense emotions, and at other times completely devoid of emotion.

Worldwide, this can be a dangerous point, as there are very hot areas of the world. Saturn retrograde can give rise to strong emotions and potentially explosive, such as hatred, but the danger can also be when emotions are absent, leading to theapathy. Without emotion, a person can be cruel to other people or situations without feeling remorse.

So, Saturn retrograde is definitely a time to work on one's emotions and the heart chakra, the seat of the emotions and of the compassion towards others.

These are the basic points I wanted to talk to you about today.

Some auspicious dates

I leave you with some auspicious dates and some holidays. For example, on June 6 there will be Shani Jayanti, the feast of Saturn. It is a good time to recite auspicious mantras to ingratiate oneself with Saturn. Those who have already received mantras to purify Saturn could take advantage of this time. Saturn likes the recitation of the "Hanuman Chalisa" and Nrisimha mantras because they create purification.

The June 16 there will be Ganga Dusera, the descent of the Ganges to Earth. It will also be the Father's Day.

The June 17 will be Ekadashi, one of the most important Ekadashi of the year, called Nirjala Ekadashi. Ekadashi is the eleventh day of the waxing or waning moon, and in this case "nirjala" means "without water". Those who have not performed the Ekadashi fast during the year, if they fast from dawn on June 17 to dawn the next day without drinking water, they will gain benefits as if they had fasted for all the Ekadashi of the year. It is also called Bhima Ekadashi, because Bhima, in the Mahabharata episode, asked the sages for an alternative since he could not fast for all the Ekadashi. The sages told him that if he fasted for this Nirjala Ekadashi at least once a year, he would gain great benefits. Nirjala means without water and is extremely powerful.

The June 20 will be the longest day of the year, that is, the day with the most light. This is auspicious because the more light there is, the more sunshine we have within us. By the way, we are in the phase of the year when the Sun is going north, and this period is called Uttarayana, which goes from Capricorn to Cancer.

The June 21 we have the Snana Yatra, an auspicious festival celebrated in Odisha, where the deities of Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra are bathed.

Here are some auspicious days for you:

  • June 4: From 5 a.m. to 6:31 p.m. there is a very good combination to do something auspicious. Another very good combination is between 7:03 p.m. and 5 a.m. the next morning.
  • June 5: It is a great day, Sarvarta Siddhi, with many blessings, at least according to Panchanga. Remember that muhurta, that is, choosing an auspicious time to do something, must be observed and studied well. So if you have something important to do, consult your trusted astrologer to choose the most auspicious time.
  • June 10: Not bad, especially from 6 p.m. onward.
  • June 12: It is a great day, by the way, Venus enters Gemini this day. It is a Wednesday, so mark the 12th as a day when you can do auspicious things and get good results.
  • June 21: We will only have an auspicious moment at 3 a.m.
  • June 22: A Saturday from 5 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. is an auspicious time.
  • June 26: It is a great day, especially from 5 p.m. onward, all evening and all night.

There are other auspicious days, but they are mixed and would require more in-depth analysis. If you have something really important to do, I encourage you to make a detailed study of the most auspicious time or consult a trusted astrologer.

Final Conclusions.

Perfect, so we looked at the June sky, observing the various planetary combinations, especially the particular ones. I remind you that this is a study done for personal growth, so it is important to understand how we can handle the energies we feel. Do not worry or be frightened if there are challenges in the areas I have described, because it is natural and normal to face them. In fact, if we face them with courage, we will overcome them with the same courage and benefit from them.

This month is characterized by strong combustions of Venus and Mercury, so we will have to work a lot on these two planets, emotions and communication, both on a personal level and for growth. Obviously, those of you who have specific combinations in your astrological chart involving these two planets may feel these transits even more strongly. Those who have less relevant combinations will feel them less, but in any case it will be favorable for everyone to work on Venus and Mercury. This will be a challenging time.

I greet you and wish you all the best.



Here is the original video from which the article is taken 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻.

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