Chat awaits us in the sky of 2024?

There, we did it!

We met to talk about the Planets in the sky in 2024, from January to May 2024. 

Very unusual combinations await us in these months. 

But I don't want to tell you more....

Click below to see the full video of the meeting I gave on January 18 on Zoom. 

The purpose is to enable you to deal with every situation not guided simply by instinct, but with the clarity of knowledge and the light of awareness.

Before we start, I want to tell you something very important. I usually send these astrological updates ONLY by email and do not post them on the site. So to receive the sky report of the coming months, sign up for the mailing list now by downloading the Miniguide free (find the link later in the article).

But back to us...

The sky of 2024 still holds for us a climate of global transformation. We bring with us from 2023 a series of important astral events that will also form in the sky of 2024, let's see how.

Mark all key dates so that you always keep them in mind.

You can also bookmark this article and video so you can refer to it later more easily. It is easy to get lost in this world where we are bombarded with information.

Happy viewing!


In conclusion, the sky of 2024 holds challenges that we need to watch out for, but thanks to Vedic Astrology we understand that these transformations are necessary if we want a cleaner, more human-friendly world.

We have strayed too far from nature and lost sight of true values.

We all know that we can no longer move forward in the same direction.

These moments of instability are unique opportunities for our growth as individuals and as a community. They help us develop a more harmonious and fulfilled character.

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