Cielo of August: cowhat lies ahead?

I welcome you to your August sky star guide. It's time to tune in to the new planetary influences. 

This is MONTHLY column which enables you to understand the moving energies from a Vedic Astrology perspective and orient yourself in the vast universe.

The purpose is to enable you to deal with every situation not guided simply by instinct, but with the clarity of knowledge and the light of awareness.

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But back to us...

The August sky still holds for us a climate of global transformation. We bring with us from July a series of important astral events that will sharpen in the August sky, let's see how.

I have written down for you the most important events and their significance. In this way you can also expertly navigate the August sky and find ways to tune in to the energies, instead of passively undergoing them. 

Mark all key dates so that you always keep them in mind.

You can also save this article as a favorite so you can refer to it later more easily. It is easy to get lost in this world where we are bombarded with information.

But let's get going right away!



Let's start right away with a topic that is very close to my heart and that I think is of interest to everyone who is part of the "conscious minority."

Yes, I am talking about the change we all desire.

In fact, we still find in the August sky the infamous Jupiter conjunct Rāhu (which began on April 22 and) will continue until October 31.

The phase of global purification of institutions, secular or religious, continues, in which transformation (Jupiter) involves the coming out into the open of all that is shady and corrupt (Rahu). 

Yes, all the skeletons in the closets ...

Not surprisingly, scandals from the past are resurfacing in all institutions. If you noticed, a recurring theme is children (Jupiter) and the abuse (Rahu) of them. 

For example, Mel Gibson's film "The Sound of Freedom." is being released right now in America. This film is causing much debate and has as its central theme child trafficking. A chilling and hidden issue that permeates our society from within.

With Saturn Retrograde, which we will have until November 4, is guaranteed to go into the past to look for the innermost things! So the cleansing that is taking place is really deep and direct to the root.

Making everything more extreme will be the Gandanta of Rahu from August 28 (and will last until January) that will make this combination more extreme. Rahu suffers in Gandanta. Here, now Rahu is in a corner and Jupiter takes the upper hand by being in a more favorable position. The serpent of corruption, Rahu, is in serious trouble.

But we know what an animal does when cornered: it can show more aggression and thus better reveal its nature. Thus we will see all that has not yet come out before, to the truth.

So let us prepare for more scandals.

Jupiter and Rahu


Live this well because.

We are in a period of spiritual rebirth!

But for this healing to take place and be complete, it is necessary to eradicate the disease at its root. And of course the root of the evil does not want to be eradicated willingly! That is why a conflict situation arises.

Indeed, Mars passes into Virgo from August 19, and although it deviates from Venus, it will create Parivartana Yoga (Sign exchange) with Rahu. Parivartana Yoga is a combination that closely relates the two Planets and this will create a very special effect.

First, the planet of conflict will try to meddle in that transformation I told you about, introducing and exacerbating a climate of conflict.
As always in these subtle battles, there is a polarization of energies and there are those of us who will decide to fight on Jupiter's side and those on Rahu's side. Mars will push us to the choice.

On the other hand, Rahu will try to suck the energy from Mars, and this can make you feel more tired, with less vitality, more sluggish. And there you will have to recharge from your inner strength or have the charge that comes from a spiritual practice, to stay on top of it.

But one thing is certain: this is a struggle in which you are called to participate.


With your positive behavior, with your conscious choices, with your devotion, with your prayers, with light thinking, with mantras, with all the best you can give.

In particular, remember that we are still in the month of Purushottama up to and including August 16. This is an extremely favorable month for spiritual and evolutionary practices. So you can dedicate a portion of your efforts as an offering for collective healing.

Remember, however, that as long as we are in the lunar month of Purushottama, it does not bode well to start new projects from a material point of view.

So the universe is really calling you to its side.


Venus will still remain Retrograde until September 4, so emotions may still be extreme: either too intense or too little. Venus decompensates the second chakra and can cause problems in relationships and intimacy. Old flames and relationship problems from the past may still surface in your life. So still be on guard!

The good news is that Venus demoted into Cancer on August 7, leaving the difficult conjunction with Mars. The violent aspect of Mars has abandoned the love planet Venus, at least for now. The Gandanta position that Venus has been carrying around since July and which has made us sweat 7 shirts in relationships persists only until August 12, but we will have to wait until August 19 to begin to relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

In fact, Venus does not miss a thing and will also pass a combustion from August 9 to August 18. This combustion will be complete and incredibly effective because Venus is retrograde and will disappear behind the Sun's disk.

What does it entail?

We will see love and compassion disappear from the Planet these days. Like the Sun disappears behind an eclipse. It will be a very sensitive time, because without emotion and empathy, the world is definitely in grave danger. Hopefully everyone will wait before making choices, especially the World Leaders. But don't worry, it will be short-lived....

In summary, to get emotional peace back, we must look forward to August 19, to have a more relaxed Venus in Cancer.

In the meantime center yourself, work on your emotions, wait and think before you explode, don't end relationships but postpone discussions until times of better clarity.


The Sun in Gandanta between August 13 and 20, puts institutions, leaders and the state on the spot and in serious trouble.

Let's hope and pray that the Leaders don't decide to make any major decisions right at that time... (especially because of the lack of empathy due to Venus combust)

If you are a Leader (and we all are to some degree) you may feel social pressure on you, you may question your position, you may feel that around you the situation is changing, and this may put you in a state of anxiety.

If you are in this situation, breathe, remember your values and think that this situation is transitory and will pass shortly. Don't make any major choices about it; wait for the dust to settle.


Mercury will return retrograde from August 23 until September 15.

So, as you know by now, you have to be careful how you communicate and what you listen to.

Everything can be extreme, colorful, too subjective or even manipulated.

Telecommunications can misfire, technologies jam, the Internet hiccup, and Social become chaotic.

When Mercury is retrograde you may feel rootless, on borrowed time, and you may want to change everything in your life to find stability.

But maybe this is not a good idea....

Because there is no point in changing just for the sake of change. Because these changes often lead to disappointments.

My advice is to do grounding or grounding exercises and, at the same time, work a lot on your communication.

August closes with a further snub for Mercury, in fact on August 31 it also becomes combusted and that is until September 14. So it will be even more important to find one's centering.

But we will talk about that next month!


In conclusion, the August sky holds challenges that we need to watch out for, but thanks to Vedic Astrology we understand that these transformations are necessary if we want a cleaner, more human-friendly world.

We have strayed too far from nature and lost sight of true values.

We all know that we can no longer move forward in the same direction.

These moments of instability are unique opportunities for our growth as individuals and as a community. They help us develop a more harmonious and fulfilled character.

Puruśottama: One month free...

Okay, I told you that we are in a special lunar month. I'll explain more about how it works.

From July 18 to August 16, the Vedic lunar calendar includes a special event known as Adhika-masa or Purushottama-masa, an additional month devoted entirely to spirituality and introspection. This period of time brings with it significant promise for spiritual seekers, for any action taken for personal evolution is worth a thousand times more. Good news for this July sky.

However, for those seeking material advancement, the news may seem less promising. During this period, efforts to increase material prosperity are likely to bear no fruit. This makes the period since the July 18 to August 16 an astrologically empty month on a material level, but electrifying spiritually. Now that you are aware of this, you can decide in which direction to direct your energies!

Adhika-masa, often translated as "extra month" o "intercalary month", is a unique phenomenon that occurs in the Veda lunar calendar. This calendar, which follows a 12-month lunar cycle, inserts an extra month every 32 months and 16 days or so to make up for the gap between the lunar and solar calendars. However, Adhika-masa or Purushottama-masa is more than just a calendar adjustment. It is a valuable opportunity for spiritual deepening and self-improvement.

True spirituality knows no limits of time, culture or geography. The month of Purushottama is one of the most powerful expressions of this universal spirituality. Although it is a specific occurrence in the Indo-Vedic tradition, it has the power to influence the lives of anyone who takes advantage of its astrological potential.

In a month when material prospects are few, it is wise to engage in practices such as meditation, reading philosophical and spiritual texts, practicing works of charity and personal reflection. These practices are accessible to everyone, regardless of faith or philosophy of life.

Meditation - The month of Purushottama offers an opportunity to devote time to daily meditation. If you have never tried it before, this may be the perfect time to start. Meditation offers many mental health benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved concentration, and an increased sense of peace and happiness.

Reading and Reflection - During this month, spending time reading philosophical or spiritual texts can be very rewarding. These need not be limited to sacred Hindu texts. They could be readings that help you reflect on life, your purpose or your relationships with others.

Works of Charity - The month of Purushottama is also an ideal time to put charitable works into practice. These could include donations to charitable organizations, volunteering in your community or other actions that support people in need.

Finally, the month of Purushottama is a time of celebration. During this time, we celebrate life, spiritual growth and the transforming power of mindfulness. So regardless of your background or personal beliefs, the month of Purushottama offers an opportunity to reflect, improve and celebrate life's journey.

Love and best wishes for growth, 


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