July Transits

Cielo of July: cowhat lies ahead?

I welcome you to your July sky star guide. I know how much you have been looking forward to this update, a real cosmic news, which enables you to understand the moving energies from a Vedic Astrology perspective and orient yourself in the vast universe.

Perhaps, a more apt comparison might be with the weather report. Yes, that's right. By analyzing the sky through Vedic astrology, we can interpret the subtle flow of energies, just as a meteorologist studies winds, currents, and changes in the weather.

Thus, with this celestial map, we are able to anticipate the subtle energies that will cross our path, and today we will do so over the July sky. This allows us to deal with every situation not guided simply by instinct, but with the clarity of knowledge and the light of awareness.

Before we start, I want to tell you something very important. I usually send these astrological updates ONLY by email and do not post them on the site. So to receive the sky report for the coming months, sign up for the mailing list now by downloading the free Miniguide (find the link later in the article).

But back to us...

The July sky holds intense transformations. A series of important astral events are set to take center stage in the heavens. Below, you will find a July sky calendar with all the key dates to keep in mind. Mark the key dates on the calendar.

July Transits

Jupiter-Rāhu and Saturn retrograde also in the July sky...


Now, let's get into the heart of the analysis, examining each event one by one. Let us begin with the events that have already been "triggered" in previous months and will continue to influence the July sky. It is important to remember that these energies are still active, so we cannot afford to let our guard down. 

Rahu and Jupiter

1) Jupiter and Rāhu (through Oct. 31)

This Jupiter-Rahu combination, known as. Guru Chandala Yoga, is doing a lot of talking, particularly among those who are deeply immersed in spiritual paths. Here we will find her again in this July sky and, unfortunately or fortunately, in the months that follow. 

It brings to the surface scandals, bigotry and hypocrisy. Inconsistencies become too obvious and come to light. Those who have acted wrongly are discovered, and this becomes public knowledge. This is a benefit to everyone. As Shrek said, "better out than in." It is a mass purification-Jupiter tries to "clean up" the corruption of Rāhu. And he does it with a lot of energy because he is in the Fire Sign of Aries. So expect a few more sparks at least until October. Then we can breathe a sigh of relief.

But the combination of Jupiter and Rāhu does not only bring negative effects. It also induces reform and reconstruction. What is old is left behind to make room for the new. Old trees that want all the sunshine for themselves, leaving new shoots to die will have to make way, despite themselves, for young seedlings.

This month of July will not be excluded from the purification process...

Saturn retrograde

2) Still in the July sky? Saturn in Aquarius and also retrograde (until Nov. 4)

As I have already explained in previous seminars, Saturn in Aquarius has initiated a major generational change that will gradually (and not without effort) bring about a new era. But Saturn is slow and where it passes it brings fatigue. Therefore, this change will be gradual and there will be times of challenge.

We must not forget this important combination in the July sky.

During this period, Saturn Retrograde causes a imbalance in the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, dividing the world into "narcissists" and "deeply emotional." Imagine what can happen in relationships!

Saturn retrograde is a "plunge into the past". He invites us to take a look back, to relive and reexamine our past traumas. For some, this process can be painful, but it is often necessary to revisit and work through our old wounds in order to move forward on the path of life. Therefore, let's see it as a positive opportunity: it's time to roll up our sleeves, get rid of ballasts that hold us back and continue toward success. It can be an auspicious time to embark on a path of personal growth and introspection.

Saturn retrograde can also make old misunderstandings resurface related to past relationships that ended problematically and where unresolved issues still remain. This aspect is emphasized by last month's Venus positioning, which will intensify during July. Do not avoid confrontation, but be prepared to face it with an abundant dose of patience. Remember, transformation, though it may be difficult, is a fundamental part of our journey of growth and understanding.

So even though these transits began before July, don't forget that they are still active and working for our purification.

Thus, with these directions from the celestial map, you will be able to anticipate the subtle energies you will cross on your path and you will be able to make informed choices because you will know what is favorable to do and what is best to avoid. But let's continue the journey... 

In the July sky: afflicted Mercury and crazy Mars...

This month, we also note the end of some astral combinations that began in June, particularly those involving Mercury and Mars. Mars will in fact come out of Gandanta, while Mercury will cease to be combusted. But let's take a closer look at them. 

Mercury afflicted

3) Mercury's afflictions in the July sky.

La combustion of Mercury in the July sky that we have been carrying around since the past few months, which limits our ability to communicate, could make us feel stuck, especially in our relationships with authority figures. This combustion, which could lead us to make serious communication mistakes, could jeopardize our relationships and cause long-term problems.
Fortunately, this phase Will end on July 13.

From July 13, we will have a little more freedom in communication. However, we do not consider July as a month free of obstacles. Therefore, at least until the 22nd, use Mercury and communication as valuable allies in solving relationship problems. Put yourself out there, return to childhood spontaneity, experience life as a learning opportunity, and Mercury will guide you by overcoming any obstacle.

Mercury will enter the emotional sign of Cancer July 8 to 25. In this period of Saturn retrograde, when we are called upon to do deep inner work, Mercury in Cancer could help us better express our emotional world and share our emotions with our partner, friends, or, if necessary, with a therapist who can guide us on the journey.

However, July 22 to 27, Mercury re-enters Gandanta, an extremely critical astrological position. At this time, it is crucial to be careful what we say, as we may unintentionally trigger conflicts. This is not the time for settling scores, confrontations and disputes. Mercury's position intensifies from the July 25, when it enters Leo and undergoes the influence of Mars and Venus.

Mars will tend to make communication more aggressive, while Venus will fail to temper it with gentleness. Therefore, it is essential to be especially careful on those days.

Remember, when Mercury is afflicted, the media tend to produce alarmism unjustified on TV, Social, newspapers and Media.
Don't let fear overwhelm you: the world will not end, no matter what the news reports say.

Also the technology, internet and the social media can be affected. So if your work depends on digital, it's always best to have a plan "B" ready to go.

Mars in Gandanta

4) Welcome Mars in Leo and the end of the Gandanta!

With Mars in Gandanta from June 25 we also find it in the July sky, we are faced with a very unstable force that can lead to anger and manifest conflict. If we combine the analysis of Mars with the already discussed transits of Saturn and Jupiter, we can see how critical the situation becomes.

On a personal level, relationships become intense and dangerous. On a social level, law enforcement agencies may experience an increase in crime. While on a global level, tensions between nations could escalate, even leading to the danger of war. However, as I have already indicated in the Mondana Astrology seminars, at least until 2024 we are "safe."

In June Mars was in Gandanta in Cancer (Water) while from July 1 it will pass into Leo (Fire). Mars is a Fiery Planet and, surely, is better in Leo (Fire) than in Cancer (Water). Cancer is the Sign of emotions and Mars (conflict) is in it and becomes in Debilitation. Therefore, we welcome the passage of Mars in Leo, a sign that better reflects its fiery nature. Therefore, we welcome Mars in this Sign. 

Beginning July 6, Mars exits the Gandanta state, allowing these tensions to return to normal levels. However, the conjunction of Mars and Venus, which I will discuss shortly, will give us little breathing room on a relational level. So let us prepare for challenges, but let us also remember that times of tension are often also times of growth and transformation.

Venus brings us some spice on vacation!

Venus is somewhat the star of this July sky and of this summer. In fact, the July Sky focuses attention on our emotions and inner transformation. Unstable relationships are at high risk, while even stable ones can falter. So pay close attention to what I am about to tell you. 

Venus Gandanta

5) Venus in Gandanta: twice in the July sky!

From July 1 Venus is in Gandanta in Cancer. Relationships and emotions become incredibly unstable.

You can hear a great torment inside of you and it can be difficult to manage your inner world. What a transformation we are experiencing! It is like a shaking of the inner ocean!

Also Venus enters Leo on July 7, in a Fire element Sign. Here the Gandanta intensifies, because Venus is a Water Planet and struggles even more in a Fire Sign.

Not only that, Venus will conjunct Mars, creating even more tension. Be prepared for crisis and conflict in relationships combined with great emotional intensity.

Always breathe deeply and ask yourself, "Would I rather be right or happy?“.

This situation of great emotional and relational instability will end on July 15. So hang in there!

Venus retrograde

6) Venus retrograde and again Gandanta in reverse.

But if you have been eating toads at this time, it may be that these will come out soon. In fact, from the July 23 to September 4, Venus will turn retrograde and go into the past to bring up all the relationship problems we have had and bring them to light.

A golden period to work on anything rooted in the past that blocks our present relationships. Old flames can also return to the door. During Venus retrograde you may feel a great desire for affection and attention. Or you may feel a great emotional blockage.

This is because Venus retrograde disrupts the second Chakra. It can also increase libido or block it completely. Watch out for infidelities and temptations; they never bear good fruit.

Since Venus is with Mars, watch out for violence and dangerous situations. Maximum attention especially for women.

The situation is exacerbated because Venus will retrograde back to the position of Gandanta from the July 30 to August 12. Really pay attention to relationships and emotions.

If you end a relationship in a period of Gandanta it will be difficult to recover it! Because the wounds that are generated in Gandanta are very deep and then take years to heal. 

Venus affliction is one of the most important features of this summer sky. Arm yourself with a lot of patience when you go on vacation.

The month of Purusottama

Puruśottama: One month free...

From July 18 to August 16, the Vedic lunar calendar includes a special event known as Adhika-masa or Purushottama-masa, an additional month devoted entirely to spirituality and introspection. This period of time brings with it significant promise for spiritual seekers, for any action taken for personal evolution is worth a thousand times more. Good news for this July sky.

However, for those seeking material advancement, the news may seem less promising. During this period, efforts to increase material prosperity are likely to bear no fruit. This makes the period from July 18 to August 16 an astrologically empty month on a material level, but electrifying spiritually. Now that you are aware of this, you can decide in which direction to direct your energies!

Adhika-masa, often translated as "extra month" o "intercalary month", is a unique phenomenon that occurs in the Veda lunar calendar. This calendar, which follows a 12-month lunar cycle, inserts an extra month every 32 months and 16 days or so to make up for the gap between the lunar and solar calendars. However, Adhika-masa or Purushottama-masa is more than just a calendar adjustment. It is a valuable opportunity for spiritual deepening and self-improvement.

True spirituality knows no limits of time, culture or geography. The month of Purushottama is one of the most powerful expressions of this universal spirituality. Although it is a specific occurrence in the Indo-Vedic tradition, it has the power to influence the lives of anyone who takes advantage of its astrological potential.

In a month when material prospects are few, it is wise to engage in practices such as meditation, reading philosophical and spiritual texts, practicing works of charity and personal reflection. These practices are accessible to everyone, regardless of faith or philosophy of life.

Meditation - The month of Purushottama offers an opportunity to devote time to daily meditation. If you have never tried it before, this may be the perfect time to start. Meditation offers many mental health benefits, including reduced stress and anxiety, improved concentration, and an increased sense of peace and happiness.

Reading and Reflection - During this month, spending time reading philosophical or spiritual texts can be very rewarding. These need not be limited to sacred Hindu texts. They could be readings that help you reflect on life, your purpose or your relationships with others.

Works of Charity - The month of Purushottama is also an ideal time to put charitable works into practice. These could include donations to charitable organizations, volunteering in your community or other actions that support people in need.

Finally, the month of Purushottama is a time of celebration. During this time, we celebrate life, spiritual growth and the transforming power of mindfulness. So regardless of your background or personal beliefs, the month of Purushottama offers an opportunity to reflect, improve and celebrate life's journey.

Love and best wishes for growth, 


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