Finally, great news for 2021...

Vedic astrology: get ready for the luckiest day of the year--a ray of sunshine in 2021

Are you ready for Akṣaya-tṛtīyā, the luckiest day of the year? Akṣaya in fact means inexhaustible: something that never ends, that does not perish, that does not find its end, something perennial, eternal, constantly regenerating. 

Who is afraid of the astrologer? 😁

Very shortly it will be Akṣaya-tṛtīyā

Read on and I will explain when this day is and what to do to take full advantage of it.


Vedic Astrology is a traditional science of India that has been handed down for millennia. 

Traditionally, Vedic Astrology is called. Jyotiṣa.  

Being very precise, she uses a very rich technical language in Sanskrit.


I know you're scared of the Sanskrit terms uttered from the lips of the Vedic Astrologers 😂

And you're afraid that behind a Sanskrit term is hidden a bad karma! But this time you have nothing to fear! 

When you receive an email or read an article from your trusted Vedic Astrologer... 

...concerning the position of the transits of the planets in the sky.... now you would think:

 "What other misfortune awaits me? 

Eclipses, retrograde planets, Kala Sarpa, Gandanta, Rahu, and so on.... 

How many Sanskrit terms are there still... indicate misfortunes, blockages, difficulties, obstacles, and difficult times!"

Here, don't worry, today I have good news FOR YOU! 

Fantastic news... 

Because we are approaching a special moment

Considered the most auspicious day of the year.

Why do Vedic Astrologers tell you about the negative times of the year?

Before I tell you about this special day, let me break a spear in favor of the Vedic astrologers

I just want to warn you about the changes in the weather, in time, so that you can take action. 

Knowing which influences there are in the air... 

...allows you to take proper precautions and, therefore, to overcome negative moments protected and equipped.

For example, we would all like perfect weather, sunny, neither too hot nor too cold, a blue sky with a few fluffy white clouds, a light breeze, and so on. 

It is a pleasure for the heart. 

Such a sky lifts the mood and puts serenity. 

And while we are counting down the minutes in our desk at work looking forward to future vacations.... 

Weather tells us that it will rain during all of our vacations.

Can we perhaps blame the Weather for this? 

No, indeed.

The sky does not follow the Weather,

Is the Weather following the sky.

We can make good use of the information. 

Thanks to this to the weather news I know I have to cancel the picnic in the hills of Bologna and opt for lunch at home or at a restaurant. 

If it rains, I know I have to carry my umbrella in my bag. 

The umbrella makes a difference when it rains.

The same goes for the stars, we can act in harmony with the planetary energies and do whatever it takes to ride the wave.

A sunny day: Akṣaya-tṛtīyā

We have been going through a very complicated period now for some time.

Of course, you don't need Astrology to notice this; we have all been locked in for months now. In this period we have seen

⭕ The Kāla-sarpa (the snake of time) kept us at home as if we were in prison; 

⭕ Mercury has created serious problems in communications; 

⭕ Jupiter cast his curse and activated the p4ndem1a; 

⭕ Mars and Rahu are conjunct creating strong surges in vitality and mood. 

Okay, the sky has been a little busy.... 

This difficult period of the "Corona Virus" has been in the stars for quite a while now.... 

We could say that the clouds of bad transits momentarily covered our Sun....

But there is a day of light.

A day that is considered auspicious by Vedic Astrology.

The day I am telling you about will fall on the May 14, 2021

Mark this date on your calendar now, because you need to ensure that you get the maximum benefit.

The name of this occasion is Akṣaya-tṛtīyā

Let us first look at its etymology.

THE meaning of tṛtīyā and its connection to Mars

Akṣaya-tṛtīyā is composed of two Sanskrit words akṣaya and tṛtīyā.

Let's start with the second word... 

Tṛtīyā literally means "third“. 

Indicates third lunar day counted by the Black Moon (or New Moon, which is when the Moon is completely dark).

It is located in the Vedic month of Vaiśākha (which corresponds to April-May).  

The third lunar day is governed by Mars, the Planet of Initiative, Energy and Activity. 

In its positive sense: Mars is the protector

Mars is a warrior - that well directed, as on this day - protects and safeguards our activities. 

Below is a graphic representation of the phases of the Moon, from the New Moon to the Full Moon.

I highlighted the third day from the New Moon for you.


Meaning of Akṣaya

So the second word is Akṣaya

We begin with. Kṣaya (without "a" in front) meaning:

❌ loss, 

❌ decrease, 

❌ waste, 

❌ decay, 

❌ destruction 

❌ throw away

When the "a-privative" stands in front of a Sanskrit word, denying its characteristics, reversing its meaning. 

Therefore, Akṣaya means:

👉 perennial, 

👉 immortal, 

👉 eternal, 

👉 durable, 

👉 growth

👉 gain 

It means "what has no end".

For this.

Everything that is begun on the day of Akṣaya-tṛtīyā will have the character to endure in time, grow and be blessed.

So it's the ideal day to start something new, valuable and long-lasting.

Everything you start this day will have great benefits for your life.

This year Akṣaya-tṛtīyā will fall on. May 14, 2021

Every year is a different day, because it is calculated according to the soli-lunar calendar.

Vedic stories and legends about the day of Akṣaya-tṛtīyā

What to say.

The power of this special day has been known for millennia.

Yogis and mystics know the secret of starting something important this special day.

We have evidence of this event scattered throughout the oldest Sanskrit texts. 

There are various legends associating the day of Akṣaya-tṛtīyā with various events of the Puraṇa and the Mahābhārata

Some examples?

it is said that on this day Brahma emitted the OM which, like the Big Bang, vibrated a sonic explosion that created the universe. This is only the "second creation" in which Brahma, the Demiurge of the universe, shaped the cosmic elements (through the sound of the Om, considered the sound of the universe) and activated the creative process. Indicates a gain at creative and artistic level.

✅ the birth of Paraśurāma, the warrior priest and the sixth of Viṣṇu's daśāvatāra (10 divine descents), who eradicated evil tyrants from the earth 21 times. It indicates a gain at the social level of the freedom.

✅ the day Vyāsadeva (the Vedic Homer) began dictating to Gaṇeśa the epic poem of the Mahābhārata (7 times the size of the Illiad and the Odyssey combined, in which is contained the very famous Bhagavad-gītā). It indicates a gain in knowledge

✅ the descent of the heavenly Ganges to earth, the most beloved sacred river in the Yoga tradition. The Ganges is said to be able to wash away Karma and thus completely purify the person who comes in contact with it. It indicates a gain of purity

✅ the day when the Pāṇḍava (the 5 brothers described in Mahābhārata), who were exiled for political issues, received an inexhaustible magic pot (Akṣaya-pātra), capable of unlimited multiplication of the food cooked inside. It indicates a gain of wealth.

✅ the visit of poor Sudāmā Vipra to the palace of Kṛṣṇa in Dvārakā who received imperishable divine wealth, both material and spiritual. It indicates a gain in devotion.

Meditating on these stories bodes well on this special day.

Because on this special day, depending on our desires, we can aspire to earning on different spheres:

☯ freedom

☯ creativity

☯ knowledge

☯ purity

☯ wealth

☯ devotion

It depends on what energy we decide to tune into.

What can be done on this day?

Everything you start on this day will be successful.

In India it is a well-known day. 

During this day people celebrate:

⚡ weddings, 

⚡ they make engagement proposals, 

⚡ embark on new journeys (...don't even think about it 😂)

⚡ inaugurate new work activities, 

⚡ begin investments, 

⚡ they buy real estate or things of value, make deeds, 

⚡ inaugurate events (Online only of course...).

⚡ they begin their studies, 

⚡ write the first words of their future book. 

Le spiritual people begin the study of a sacred text, some a particular vrata (vote) or sadhana (meditative practice).

In fact, making japa (mantra recitations), kirtan (collective mantra chanting), dana (donations) and puja (rituals), on this day, promotes one's spiritual and material progress. 

On this day, donations are offered in memory of one's family ancestors so that they may receive eternal benefit.

Simply put, it is the day to start what you want to last eternally and have lasting results. 

It is an excellent day to get married, start studies and new work projects. 

And, on the other hand, it is a day that allows great advancement on the yogic, spiritual and meditative level. 

On May 14, 2021, the energies allow you to. advance faster Toward your goal.

I am just happy to give you this good news.

The other side of the coin (because there is always bad luck...)

Everything you start on this day will be successful.


It sounds great doesn't it?

But wait.

There is always theother side of the coin

Think about it. 

There are things in life that we want to last forever.... 

E things that we do NOT want to last forever!

Here, don't start things that you do NOT want to last. 

Disputes, litigation, disputes, lawsuits? 

Better to put them off To a more opportune time.  

Recall that Tṛtīyā is governed by. Mars, the Planet of War. 

Better not get into debt, be loans o mortgages, on this day. 

DO NOT apply for loans on May 14, 2021.

Otherwise these will stay with you for a long, long time.

And we don't want that, do we?

If I have an important project that starts another day?

Everything you start on this day will be successful.

These are remarks that I often get when I talk about the auspicious days....

But I cannot open my business on that date.... 

But I can't get married that day....

It is impossible to move on a Sunday....

Of course, one can find other days Which are good for starting your important activities.

I simply have to study an auspicious day for your particular activity so that it can be fostered by a good start, which will ensure the success of your mission.

Planning is the secret to success. 

Not all times are as good as Akṣaya-tṛtīyā to start a particular activity, so this you have to choose the best moments.

This is the work of the Vedic Astrologer. 

The Muhūrtā is the science of quality of time Within Vedic Astrology: 

There are moments that facilitate what we start and moments that will disfavor the activity we are about to accomplish at that moment. 

There are things in life that are too important And requiring all the necessary "blessings." 

Some examples where the science of Muhūrtā can be used are in the decision to: buy a house, move into a house, get married, open a store, sign an important contract, sell or buy things of value, start building constructions, start studies, start taking a medication, and so on. 

The list is unlimited. 

But one thing is certain: you will use the Muhūrtā when the thing you are doing is IMPORTANT to you and you want it to go best.

The use of Muhūrtā depends on how important the activity we are about to undertake is and how interested we are in its success. 

If you lack Akṣaya-tṛtīyā, remember that you can rely on this very powerful technique.

Why is Akṣaya-tṛtīyā so special astrologically?

Astrologically speaking, the day of Akṣaya-tṛtīyā presents a special combination Of the Sun and Moon.

Below is the combination in the sky the May 14, 2021.

During the month of Vaiśākha (which corresponds to April-May):

The Sun is in exaltation in Aries

This makes the Sun very strong and full of light. 

Simultaneously, the Moon is in exaltation in Taurus, a very strong position. 

Kṛṣṇa represents the Moon dynasty, as well as Rāma Is the jewel of the royal dynasty of the Sun.

The Sun is the trigger of the Raja-yoga (planetary combinations that bring success), while the Moon determines whether success will be lasting. 

When these are strong they help to trigger (Sun) and to maintain (Moon) over time the result of our actions. 

This is what happens in Akṣaya-tṛtīyā.

This positive influence of the Sun and Moon causes other possible negative aspects, related to pañcāṅga, to become secondary.

Only for May 14 of course... 

What will you do during the luckiest day of the year?

begin a journey with yoga of the stars

As you have seen in Yoga delle Stelle we deal with the very ancient traditional science of Vedic Astrology. 

Vedic astrology is a evolutionary path to better discover yourself through the study of the Planets and Constellations in your natal chart.

May 14 is a great day to start!


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These are our proposals to make your Akṣaya-tṛtīyā even more thriving and productive. 

The mantra of your good fortune

Thus the Sunshine in Exaltation indicates Rāma.

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And the Moon in Rohiṇī nakṣatra represents Kṛṣṇa.

With this information in mind, we can figure out what is the best astrological remedy.

The recommended mantra On this day is the Maha-Mantra:

Hare Kṛṣṇa Hare Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa Hare Hare / Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Hare Hare 

This mantra will open the door to your good fortune. 

Good Akṣaya-tṛtīyā,

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