Find out the position of the Planets and how "astrologically" the virus will impact collective karma...

Latest News and predictions from Vedic astrology: 

stars in the sky at the time of the corona virus

Kāla-sarpa (the serpent of time) imprisons us; Mercury creates serious problems in communications; Jupiter casts its curse and activates the pandemic; Mars and Ketu team up to create fear and terror. 4 Retrograde Planets at the same time and no less than 3 Eclipses for radical political change. Okay, the sky is a bit busy-how do we get out of the crisis and find our own inner centering? 

a very "astrologically" sensitive period with mercury vs.

As you know by now, we are in a VERY delicate period.... 💊🌡

This difficult period of the "Corona Virus" has been in the stars for quite a while now....

He thinks that my Vedic astrology teacher talked about. as early as 2017 Of the difficulties we will have faced in 2020.

But as I will explain later, all the astrologers were convinced that a war and not a pandemic would happen.

Someone said, "Is a war between man and nature“…

It may be...


The reality is that we know very little about what is really going on, because of Mercury first Retrograde, then Combustive, then in exchange with Rāhu and finally in Debilitation.

This Mercury does not allow one to see things clearly and distorts information. 

Apart from Mercury, the other Planets in the Heavens also took very delicate positions....

And that's exactly what I will explain in the three video conferences fruit of two webinars I held online for people who are subscribed to my mailing list. 

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The five stages of the crisis

For weeks now (it actually seems like years, doesn't it?) fear, distrust and dread have reigned.

I am not saying that the concerns are unfounded, but that sometimes we run the risk of losing our centering.

This event is A major crisis in so many ways: individual, social, economic, political...

So, as with every crisis, we all have been seesawing between the 5 stages of the crisis (called the stages of grieving).






I made an introduction of these 5 steps in a short Video during the "Philosophical Rubric" of "OdeOm Online."

Below is the excerpt: 

So, these 5 stages, were first elaborated by the Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross (1926-2004).

But we find, millennia in advance, their description in Yoga texts such as the Bhagavad-gītā and the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. 

Sometimes we can follow just the 5 steps in ascending order. 

Other times we swing between phases until we settle into the last one.

Here, each phase of the crisis can be traced back to one of the 5 Planets visible (and to the elements these represent) according to the ancient science of Vedic Astrology. 

We see the 5 phases and their associations to planetary energies, guṇa (the 3 vibrations) and states of matter.

This classification is the result of my own research.

Interestingly, the first 4 Phases are an alternation between creative energy (Rajas) and destructive energy (Tamas). 

These 4 stages cannot remain permanently in the person; they are only transient.

Only the last stage is Sattva (evolutionary energy) and can thus create a psychological platform on which it is possible to build one's life.

The last stage comes from knowing and being able to see the "Divine Plan" that underlies everything that is happening.

And it is precisely in this that theVedic Astrology can be an important tool for "reading" this Karmic plane that is expressed through the planetary movements and positions in the Zodiac.

boosts Jupiter and jumps right into the 5th phase

So more than ever now we need to find centering and balance.

Having understood how the 5 stages of crisis work, now the question is:

How to situate ourselves immediately in the 5th phase?

How to ride the Sattva (evolutionary energy) to be well and to bring light to the people around us?

The 5th phase, as I explained, is ruled by Jupiter.

So Jupiter requires knowledge, foresight, virtue and spirituality. 

But at this time Jupiter is very afflicted....

In fact, they also closed churches and other places of worship. 

This had not happened even in the time of the bubonic plague.... 

Indeed, during the plagues, prayers had increased, new churches had been erected, and everyone prayed with great fervor. 

Because in ancient times they knew that in order to center and purify the Ether, one must fortify Jupiter.

Likewise, we cannot meet physically to talk about it!

But, in this case technology plays in our favor....

So I decided to do an online lecture series entitled "Stars in the sky at the time of the Corona Virus" where I analyzed the situation of the stars.

These lectures aim to create clarity and unveil the "higher plan" behind the events we are experiencing in this difficult period.

But let's get right to the action.

Find the three Videos a little further on.

PRima Conference: italy and china under the clutches of corona virus

The first lecture in the series "Stars in the Sky at the Time of the Corona Virus" came about because many people asked me for astrological elucidation on these topics:

❌ What Planets are in play right now?

❌ What is causing this general panic?

❌ Why are many Italians (and now the whole world) imprisoned in their countries and homes?

❌ Is the risk of the disease real?

❌ Will we emerge from the economic crisis that will ensue?

I thought these were some basic insights that it was important to talk about from the perspective of Vedic Astrology.

But the main problem was Mercury...

🔴 Only when Mercury stopped being Retrograde did the time come to discuss these matters lucidly.

As you have seen, Mercury Retrograde has created serious problems in communications:

So much excitement on Social!

So much contradictory information about this Virus!



This online conference was held on 11/03/2020.

Happy viewing!

In this lecture I talk to you about:

- What is Mondana Astrology and how it is studied

- The major planetary transits that "crowd" the sky at this time (Mercury Retrograde, Kala-Sarpa, Graha Yuddha, Pisaca Badhaka, etc.)...

- The China Charter

- The Charter of Italy

- the Eclipses of December/January

I will also mention some tips on how to cope better with this period.

Happy viewing!

SECOND Lecture: the terrible curse of jupiter, the polluted ether and the pandemic

I now present the second lecture in the series "Stars in the Sky at the Time of the Corona Virus."

It came about the following month with the purpose of giving more clarity on the situation, but also to show you how the Planets are telling (through mythical images of tradition) the "story" we are living in at this time.

This is to, as I told you, develop the awareness that "nothing happens by chance" and, through Vedic Astrology, understand that there is a divine plan, a higher plan. 

This is of great use to immediately "jump" to the 5th stage of the crisis and become positive for ourselves and helpful to the people around us. 

In particular, in this lecture I will explain the April and May sky. 

I will reveal what will happen between now and August.

We will dwell on Transits and their symbolism, which reveals not only what is happening to the Earth, but also possible Astrological Remedies to do during this period.

Because Vedic Astrology is not only descriptive of the Karmic situation, it is also a valuable aid in helping us tune in to the positive energies of the Planets.

Of course, we will discuss the predictions for the Corona Virus according to Vedic Astrology and, in particular, the "curse of Jupiter" and its relationship to the pandemic.

This online conference was held on 06/04/2020.

Happy viewing!

In detail I explain these topics:

⭕ Correlation between the pandemic, pollution of the Ether, and Jupiter afflicted

⭕  The symbolic significance of the Transits in this sky

⭕ Who predicted the pandemic?

⭕ The "curse of Jupiter"

⭕ Rāma and other astrological remedies

⭕ The story of Vārāha and the revenge of the Earth

⭕ Communication problems continue...Rahu does not leave Mercury

⭕ Nimitta (natural phenomena) at Jagannath temple (fire and flames)

⭕ Saturn in Capricorn makes us all the same

⭕ How long do we have to wait to return to normal?

⭕ How long does the Kāla-sarpa last? (That is, how long will we be in prison?)

⭕ Brahma Yoga: when to expect a new "creation"

You will also find important tips on how to better cope with this period.

Third Conference: a plunge into the past with 4 retrograde planets and major political changes with 3 eclipses

We are experiencing a period that is historically unprecedented.

Pandemic, economic crisis, existential crisis, radical change of habits, fake and mainstream news, conspiracy or total acceptance, social distances, masks and lots and lots of amuchina.

We have all gone through the 5 stages of the crisis and are, some more than others, licking our wounds and trying to survive the current situation as best we can.

So to recapitulate.

I did a webinar in March on "The Stars in the Sky at the Time of the Corona Virus." Where we introduced the main transits that gave rise to the current situation, I explained to you how "mundane" astrology works. With particular regard to the chart of China and Italy.

Following this we did a second webinar in April. We looked at the relationship between pandemic and ether pollution. 

And, above all, the fascinating symbolism that governs the dance of the Planets in the sky at this time

This is the third lecture in the lecture series "Stars in the Sky at the Time of the Corona Virus."

The third part was held on 18/05/2020.

I will tell you about the following topics:

⭕️ the 4 planets going retrograde--and how they can disrupt your life

⭕️ The 3 chakras you may feel imbalanced and how to balance your energy centers

⭕️ How to make your relationship survive ... while protecting yourself from Venus retrograde

⭕️ Stars require a dip in the past, we will be forced to see Covid19 with different eyes

⭕️ Are there other truths we have yet to discover? And when that happens...

⭕️ The 3 eclipses of June and their results on a global and personal level.

⭕️ Prediction of political changes in Italy's "natal chart"

You will find some tips on how to cope better with this period.


Below you will find the timelines I have told you about in detail in the three conferences. 

Watch the Videos for more details.

If you want to know more about the Retrograde Planets, I have written an article explaining what they are and how they affect you. You will also find the 2020 Retrograde Planets calendar. 

(Click here to access the article on Retrograde Planets)

I hope that these three videos and this a article have given you more clarity and, more importantly, a different key to seeing the situation from a bright new perspective.

As you have seen, the crisis will last for a while yet, but we will soon see the light after this long tunnel.

It is just a matter of waiting...

The difference lies in the "as you wait“.

You can wait by getting depressed or wait by evolving. 

The decision is up to you.

Now is a great time to delve into theVedic Astrology.

To allow you to enter this world,  I created a Mini-Guide in which I talk to you about the essential techniques of the ancient traditional science of Vedic Astrology

In this Miniguide I reveal to you the 3 most important aspects Of Vedic Astrology that you should definitely not miss. 

In particular, I will tell you about the Planet of Destiny, the jewel of the Vedic astrological system. 

Knowing your Destiny Planet will enable you to understand the80% of your Karma!

Download the free mini-guide here: "Tell me your Planet of Destiny and I will tell you who you are!"

See you soon,


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