The Planet moving very slowly, but definitely making its presence felt....

saturn moves into capricorn. finally home after 30 years away

Saturn entered Capricorn on January 24, 2020 and will remain there until 2023. Saturn remains in a Zodiac Sign for about 2 1/2 years. Its passage through the sky determines the karmic periods you will experience in this lifetime, like the ticking of a clock or the passing of the seasons. 

But didn't saturn enter capricorn on December 19, 2017?

And will it come out of Capricorn a in the spring-summer of 2020 when it makes a touch and go in the sign of Aquarius?

Here-if you immediately had this objection when you read the title of the article.... means that you already have notions of "Western" Astrology, but you have NO idea what theVedic Astrology.

To clarify, I wrote the following.

Then what is written in this article is wrong?

No, I am not giving wrong information. 

In fact.

The "Western" Astrology you are used to uses the Tropical Zodiac which considers the beginning of Aries corresponding with the Spring Equinox (which was "real" in the sky about 2100 years ago). Today the Spring Equinox corresponds to the Sign of Pisces...

While theVedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac That corresponds exactly to what we can see in the sky. 

Vedic astrology considers the physical phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes. 

This means that if you take your telescope and look into the sky you will find that Saturn has just entered the constellation of Capricorn

The sky agrees with me 😅

In any case: between the Tropical Zodiac and the Sidereal Zodiac there are approx. 24° difference (this is because the Royal Sign of Aries deviates from the Spring Equinox precisely by 24°)

Vedic astrology is a different system.

So if you already have notions of "Western" Astrology you have to consider that ALL the Planets and the Ascendant are shifted 24° from what if used to.

(Yes, even YOUR Sign and YOUR Ascendant...)

This may come as a shock to you....

If you want to know all the differences between the two systems download the "Free Mini-Guide“.

Saturn has returned to present the bill for your karma

Śani (शनि) is the Sanskrit name for calling Saturn, one of the nine "planets" considered by Vedic Astrology. 

Śani means 'the one who moves slowly' and consequently makes others move slowly. 

Śani is claudicant, slow, rigid, old, self-righteous and traditionalist. If you can visualize Saturn's personality then you will better understand its effects. 

Śani is the planet responsible for giving you back your Negative Karma

Śani is Yama-raja e Dharma-raja, the personified justice that we all, sooner or later, must encounter. 

Saturn only returns what we are entitled to, no more and no less.

Saturn is sometimes thought to be a very negative planet. 

It is not true! 

Saturn simply has a work to be done

And this work - ultimately - is for our sake.

Saturn is not bad, does his job

Like a visit from the ASL in your restaurant, a financial audit in your company, like a letter from Equitalia, like a visit from the Carabinieri to your home. 

Are you in compliance? 

Then everything is okay. 

But, if there was something out of place ...

...The time has come when you are presented with the bill....

life is a school

So life is a school and... 

Saturn is the planet that is responsible (planets also have their responsibilities and must go to work!) for Give us back our negative karma.

Especially in the periods called Sade Sati, which I will tell you about later.

But consider this:

Karma always has a lesson: it always wants to teach us something fundamental to our evolution. 

From this point of view Saturn is our Master

Of those old masters. 

Yes, those with the stick in their hands, traditionalists and, perhaps, a bit rigid; but with our education at heart.

So Saturn returns your negative karma in 3 different ways.

Each astrological House has a Planet that governs it, this is called the Karaka, House indicator.

Saturn holds the Case Duṣṭana, the negative houses of the Charter: 

⭐ the Sixth House (6H), 

⭐ the Eighth House (8H) and 

⭐ the Twelfth House (12H).

These three Houses are indicative of the way Saturn acts on us.

saturn and house 6

saturn and the 8th house

saturn and house 12

So when in Vedic Astrology we talk about Saturn we always have clear these three aspects of him related to House 6, House 8 and House 12.

We are clear about the "punitive" power of Saturn in its role as "tax collector"...

But we also have in mind the fact that Saturn, through purification, Can help us grow and achieve liberation coveted by yogis and mystics of all times.

a stern but fair teacher

Life is a school. 

And Saturn is perhaps the most rigid master, traditionalist, conservative, moralist and so on. 

Sometimes we wish he was holding a flower instead of the stick

But deep down he is not a bad guy. 

Saturn begins to smile and becomes kind:

👉  When we begin our journey of growth,

👉  When we put ourselves on the line,

👉  When we recognize the sacredness of life,

👉  When we respect the environment,

👉  When we feel compassion and love for others,

👉  When we come out of the ego orbit,

👉  When we awaken our relationship with spirituality.

If we learn to overcome our inner enemies, discover our spiritual selves through service and loosen our attachments; then determination, peace, serenity and contentment will be the gifts of Saturn.

saturn has entered capricorn

Saturn has been 2 1/2 years in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is a sign ruled by Jupiter, an enemy Planet of Saturn.

We can say that, in Sagittarius, Saturn stood in the house of an enemy. 

Sagittarius is the Battlefield, where wars take place, and Saturn's role is to bring the resulting suffering.

But January 24, 2020 decided to move out

He decided to go home.

In fact, Capricorn is a Saturn Sign (along with Aquarius).

Saturn has returned to its home after 30 years

In fact, Saturn takes 2 1/2 years to traverse a Sign (30°) and a full 30 years to traverse the entire Zodiac (360°).

Saturn is strong in Capricorn.

Capricorn is the House 10 of the Natural Zodiac (starting with Aries).

The indicators of House 10 are: 

Saturn opens a period when the international relations will become increasingly important and sensitive. Both because of its Aspect in House 7 of the NZ and the expansive nature of House 10.

Saturn is the people and House 10 is the kingdom. The people will try to unite (Ākāśa) to take the reins of the kingdom (Rājya). 

This union will be driven of the scarcity of resources (Pitu) and hard work or, on the other hand, because of unemployment.

But the real "revolution" lies in changing one's character and becoming examples of high moral values (Vṛtti).

Seeking residency in foreign countries will be an idea of many if not the only solution for some.

Saturn has an aspect in the 12th House of the NZ, indicating its intent to favor those who will engage in introspection, prayer and meditation.

Saturn in Capricorn is ready to give you everything you want.... 

...but under one simple condition: that you sweat 7 shirts to get it. 

In fact, Saturn in Capricorn will reward your determination, but it will require your commitment. 

transit of saturn in your life

Many fear Saturn, especially in its transits called Sade Sati e Kantaka Śani.

Planets continue to rotate across the sky in the zodiac vault.

When a planet in the sky takes certain positions relative to the planets at the time of your birth, they are called gocara, planetary transits.

These have a transitory influence on your person and combine with the Karma expressed in your Christmas Card.

Every person in his or her life generally faces 3 cycles of Saturn and each of the duration of 7 1/2 years

Those born during a transit of Saturn may even see 4 cycles of it!

They are difficult times, where your material progress is slowed down, you feel more uncomfortable, you can be more negative and feel all the weight of life.

Among these cycles, some will affect you more and some more mildly, depending on the position of Saturn and the Moon in your Astrological Chart. 

In any case, Saturn is back to do its work, it will rent a place on our shoulders, and we will feel heavier.

So you need to see right away The position of the Sidereal Moon in your natal chart. to find out if one of these important Saturn transits-Sade Sati and Kantaka Śani-has just begun for you.   


The Sade Sati occurs when Saturn transits in the Zodiac Sign of your birth Moon, in the Sign before and in the Sign after.

Unfortunately, Śani is a slow planet and transits each Zodiac Sign for 2 1/2 years.

So initially it will enter the Sign before your Moon, then the Sign of your Moon, and finally the Sign after your Moon.

In all, his procession will last 7 1/2 years.

These years are compared to a tunnel in which one feels enclosed, in darkness, and in which the destination is not clear.

kantaka Śani

The Kantaka Śani occurs when Saturn transits in House 4 from your birth Moon in one of your Divisional Charts.

This creates strong emotional problems (House 4) and losses in the area of life expressed by the particular Chart in which this transit occurs.

As I told you Śani is a slow planet and transits each Zodiac Sign (of 30°) for 2 1/2 years. 

But in the Divisional Charts (which are a magnifying glass of the various areas of Life) Saturn travels faster, creating periods of difficulty in very specific areas of your life.

The ancient struggle between Saturn and the moon

Saturn transits are calculated, as you may have noticed, from the perspective of the Moon.

The Moon is the mind, the home, health, relationships with others, and the ability to enjoy the beauty of life. 

All these things are stirred up by Saturn. 

Saturn is Vayu Tattva, represents the air element, the drying wind.

When Vayu increases in the body, humans begin to age: skin dries out, memory becomes fuzzy, body and mind become less elastic. 

The moon is Jala tattva, water element. 

The moon is Soma: represents the pleasure of life and youth. 

Saturn dries up the Moon and moves its waters in eddies, making the mind stormy.

Thus Saturn is in constant struggle with the Moon, although the Moon never has enemies.

Are you out of the tunnel?

The fact that Saturn entered Capricorn may have changed your situation.

Perhaps you have entered a cycle of Sade Sati o Kantaka Śani

In this case it would be wise to consult a Vedic Astrologer and figure out what you have to expect and what remedies to do to get in harmony with Saturn. 

Or have you just come out of the tunnel?

In that case we must celebrate!

In fact, Saturn cycles are tunnels of hard work, or tunnels of heaviness on a psychological level, or they can be tunnels in which you feel limited and forced into situations in which you feel caged.

Have you ever spent long hours, in a car or on a train, and at some point found yourself in a long tunnel that you can't see the end of? 

You know the Gran Sasso tunnel (11 km) or in the A1 in the direttissima (8.5 km). 

Here, generally during the Saturn period you can feel like you are in a tunnel.

A tunnel that, between ups and downs, can last up to 7 1/2 years.

The intensity depends on your Christmas Horoscope, but the tunnel is for everyone!

We all have Saturn in the chart...

...But few know how to deal with Saturn.

astrological remedies

There are multiple astrological remedies to get through these periods with courage. 

These depend on the position of Saturn and your Astrological Chart. 

To learn more and have a reading tailored just for you, I recommend personal counseling in which to analyze your Saturn transit, its effects on your life and the personalized astrological remedies.

In general, the universal remedy is to 'get your act together.' 

In the tunnel we need the light of knowledge. 

Saturn wants to teach us that we should not live a life moved by selfishness, that we are not on this earth to enjoy what is around us. 

Saturn is pleased when it meets us (during these cycles) humble and with a desire to do good for others, to grow spiritually by accepting our karma as a blessing.

Śani is claudicant, slow, stiff, old, self-righteous, and traditionalist. 

Saturn is satisfied if we make some small austerities for our spiritual growth, if we have firm values, good self-discipline, if we work hard, if we are consistent and dedicated to our inwardness.

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