Which way are you facing when you sleep?

You can improve your fate simply by "catching" sleep from the right direction! 

How have you positioned your bed in your room? Do you know that the direction of your head (while sleeping) has a strong influence on your mental and physical health and quality of life? "Sleeping well" means feeling more rested and more charged to face the day, but also... 

You can change the direction of your bed and thus change the direction of destiny expressed in your Christmas Card especially in House 12.

I prepared a full video where I explain how sleep is related to your Christmas Card and your bed directions.

Simply put: simply by changing the position in which you sleep you can improve the quality of your life. 

In fact, changing the direction of your bed:

In particular, I will explain the relationship between sleep and House 12, the house of the end (in fact, sleep is the end of our workday).

Every Planet is connected to a cardinal direction

That's why while you're sleeping your head is turned "toward" a Planet

So that Planet activates and controls your sleep.


It depends on the nature of the Planet. 

In a very ancient text, Śiva Purāṇa, is revealed the Connection between head position and planetary influences.  

And that is what we are interested in making the changes in our bedroom.

Sleeping with your head to the east is very different from sleeping with your head to the north!

Find the Table of Directions In this video.

I will also tell you about the difference between the Periods of Life and the Transits According to Vedic Astrology.

Here, sleeping in the right direction can mitigate negative Periods and Transits and can stimulate positive Periods and Transits. 

So what are we waiting for?

Watch the video below.

Astrological Consultations 1

If you liked the video you will want to know more about theVedic Astrology.

That is: the Astrology of Yoga.

Okay, so the next step is to know the fundamental practices of theVedic Astrology.

To do this, I created a Mini-Guide in which I tell you about the essential techniques of the ancient traditional science of Vedic Astrology.

In this Miniguide I reveal to you the 3 most important aspects Of Vedic Astrology that you should definitely not miss. 

In particular, I will tell you about the Planet of Destiny, the jewel of the Vedic astrological system. 

Knowing your Destiny Planet will enable you to understand the80% of your Karma!

Download the free mini-guide here: "Tell me your Planet of Destiny and I will tell you who you are!"

See you soon,

Prema Kumar

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