Today Jupiter comes to a complete halt and stops working. No, did not go on vacation for Ferragosto.. He will not go to the sea or the mountains. 

It is a astronomical phenomenon so it appears (from Earth's perspective) that Jupiter stops, after it moved in a retrograde direction for about 120 days.

Thus Jupiter began "dismounting from work" on August 9 and will come to a complete stop today. Then It will gradually resume its direct motion starting August 13.

We can say that a planet is stationary when its velocity is 10% less than the norm. So Jupiter will be stationary from about August 9 to 13. 

But Today, August 11, is a special day because Jupiter will be completely stationary!

Read here to find out what this means in your life.

Today, August 11, 2019, Jupiter's long retrograde that began on April 10 ends.

A retrograde planet Acts as Rahu: becomes extreme and unconventional. The energy of the planet becomes very strong, so strong as to Go beyond its established boundaries and create confusion. 

In particular Jupiter è linked to the ether then to the connection between people and to the knowledge especially spiritual. With Jupiter retrograde you can feel extremely connected or the opposite extreme: totally disconnected.

Depending on your level of consciousness this connection can manifest at different levels.

A political level: did you feel more involved in public interests?

A family level or community: Did you feel the need to be part of the solution?

A spiritual level: did you feel connected to the whole universe? 

Or the opposite extreme? Generally a retrograde planet indicates strong polarization.

In addition Jupiter retrograde decompensates the fifth chakra (ruled by the ether) and thus the communications Can cross established boundaries.

But Jupiter ends its retrograde today and will stop for a few days. In fact, when the motion of a planet changes from retrograde to direct, it stands still for some time in 'stationary motion'.

A stationary planet is a great blessing Because he becomes blessed, divine. 

While a retrograde planet throws you into the past to resolve old, ill-digested issues e a direct planet moves you into the future because of desires; a stationary planet is at peace with itself fully in the present.

So these five days in which Jupiter is stationary are the perfect time for focus on the present, On your essence, on knowing yourself and evolving in your realization.

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