How to improve your relationship according to the'Vedic Astrology

Valentine's Day is just around the corner... and even though St. Valentine was a bishop and martyr from the first century B.C....
Valentine's Day is the holiday of lovers.

...But what is Love?
We often think that love is falling in love. But it is not. Falling in love is that stage when we like everything about the person, when we see all his merits with gratitude. Our partner's flaws appear to us as wonderful imperfections that increase our tenderness toward him or her. It is a stage when there is novelty, anticipation, involvement, vivid feelings, vivid emotions.

But how long can this dream last?

In the best of cases, Physiologically, falling in love does not last more than three years. Sometimes a year, sometimes a month.
As with every dream, the alarm clock rings in the morning and we have to brush our teeth and go to work.
Once we wake up from falling in love, we have the real person in front of us.

No longer the muffled projection of our desires, no longer a deity to worship. We are looking at a man, or a woman, in the flesh.

When falling in love ends, two things happen:

1) We stop idealizing the other person.  
2) We stop pretending to be ideal.

Astrologically speaking we could say that we experience the relationship under the projection of our mind, that is, we see theArudha (AL is the image/projection of us; and a7 is the image/projection of our partner);

Now, after the "hangover" of falling in love has passed, we no longer see theArudha, instead we see the reality, the true reality: we see house 1 (i.e., the ascendant) and house 7.

House 1 is who we really are and House 7 is who our partner really is.
For this Ascendant and house 7 are the houses of the satya, of the truth. They never lie.

Those who mistake falling in love for love-just at this transitional stage-may decide to leave their partner or, at the very least, create hell in the relationship!

"You've changed," "you're not the same," "I don't love you anymore..."

Those who choose to pursue a new love in order to have the same euphoric emotions of falling in love will find themselves - sooner or later - back to square one.

Physiologically, falling in love will end again.
And awake again, brushing teeth and ready at the workplace. The dream is over again.

What do we do?

Are we looking for a new falling in love?
No, thank you!

Love is not falling in love.

Love is something wonderful, but it requires your presence every day of your life.

Love is something that is built over time, that is fortified: overcoming couple crises, finding commonalities, harmonizing discordant views, allowing each other the proper spaces of freedom, learning to tolerate each other's faults, creating a platform of understanding, finding the way to communicate, supporting itself, and sometimes putting up with each other, Protecting themselves, understanding each other, and most importantly, Developing a common goal.

Do you know why? Because you have to have valid reasons to put your ego aside.

Love is a job.

In Astrology Venus is the planet of relationships, holding the water element.
In fact, relationships are a flow of emotions and feelings.

The precious stone that fortifies Venus is the Diamond.

Do you know what the diamond is?

It is nothing more than a piece of coal that has undergone incredible transformations due to strong pressures and extremely high temperatures, deep in the earth.

This is very symbolic.

Love is achieved when we build a relationship as a couple based on understanding, trust and responsibility.
Along the way there will be obstacles, temptations and crises, but these are necessary to make our relationship valuable.

You know the biggest mistake we make: we think that the relationship should always make us happy, and when this happiness ends, so does the love and the relationship becomes just a burden.

But it is not so! The equation "relationship=happiness" is completely wrong.

The equation that can make your relationship work is. "relationship=responsibility". Relationship means caring for the other.

Why "Love=service.

To overcome falling in love constructively and to make a relationship successful, a solid foundation must be built.

To save a drifting relationship, a bridge must be found between the partners.

Here Vedic Astrology can play a key role, becoming an important key to understanding yourself, understanding your partner, and understanding the dynamics that block or boost your relationship.

Let us build Love together.


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