Your transit of SATURN

Have you entered the dreaded Saturn transit? Have things slowed down in your life? Do you feel the need to be alone? Don't worry about it. Find out more by reading the full article.

Who is afraid of Saturn?

Śani (शनि) is the Sanskrit name for calling Saturn, one of the nine "planets" considered by Vedic Astrology. Śani means 'the one who moves slowly' and that consequently makes others move slowly. Śani is claudicant, slow, stiff, elderly, self-righteous, and traditionalist. If you can visualize Saturn's personality then you will better understand its effects. You can go deeper with the Karma of Saturn.

Śani is the planet responsible for giving you back your negative karma. Śani is Yama-raja and Dharma-raja, the personified justice that we all, sooner or later, must encounter. Saturn only returns what we are entitled to, no more and no less. If you want to know more about Karma read: The influence of the AstersThe threads of KarmaPhilosophy of Karma.

Saturn transits

Many fear Saturn, especially in its transits called Sade Sati. The planets continue to revolve in the sky in the vault of the zodiac. When a planet in the sky takes certain positions relative to the planets at the time of our birth, we call them gocara, planetary transits. These have a transitory influence on our person and combine with the Karma expressed in our Christmas Card.

Every person in his or her life generally faces 3 Saturn cycles and each lasting 7 1/2 years. Those born during a transit of Saturn may even see 4 cycles of it!

These are difficult times, where our material progress is slowed down, we feel more uncomfortable, we can be more negative, and we feel all the burden of life.

The work of Saturn

Among these cycles some will affect us more and some more mildly, depending on Saturn's position in our Astrological Chart. In any case, Saturn is back to doing its job, will rent a place on our shoulders and we will feel heavier.

Saturn is not bad; it does its job. Like a visit from the ASL in your restaurant, a financial audit in your company, like a letter from Equitalia, like a visit from the Carabinieri to your home. Are you in compliance? Then everything is okay. But, if there has been something out of place, the time has come when the bill is presented.

When does it take place?

The Sade Sati occurs when Saturn transits the Zodiac Sign of your birth Moon, or the Sign before and after. Unfortunately, Śani is a slow planet and transits each Zodiac Sign for 2 1/2 years. So initially it will enter the Sign before your Moon, then the Sign of your Moon, and finally the Sign after your Moon. In all, his procession will last 7 1/2 years.

Am I out of the Tunnel?

Have you ever spent long hours, in a car or on a train, and at some point found yourself in a long tunnel whose end is not visible? You know the Gran Sasso tunnel (11 km) or in the A1 in the direttissima (8.5 km). Here, generally during the Sade Sati period you can feel like you are in a tunnel. Saturn tunnels are tunnels of hard work, or tunnels of heaviness on a psychological level, or they can be tunnels in which we feel limited and constrained by situations. A tunnel that, between ups and downs, lasts 7 1/2 years. The intensity depends on your Christmas Horoscope, but the tunnel is for everyone!

Free Calculate Your Saturn Transit (Sade Sati) 1

If you have calculated your Sade Sati Cycles from my free program before, see if you are now in this cycle. Look at your past cycles and tell me how they were. How did you feel? Was there enough air in your gallery? Was there enough light?

Saturn and the Moon

The Moon is the mind, the home, health, relationships with others, the ability to enjoy the beauty of life. All these things are stirred by Saturn. Saturn is Vayu Tattva, representing the element air, the drying wind. When Vayu increases in the body, man begins to grow old: skin dries out, memory becomes confused, body and mind become less elastic. The moon is jala tattva, water element. The Moon is Soma: it represents the pleasure of life and youth. Saturn dries up the Moon and moves its waters in eddies, making the mind stormy.

Astrological Remedies

There are multiple astrological remedies to get through these periods with courage. These depend on the position of Saturn and your Astrological Chart. To learn more and have a reading tailor-made for you, I recommend personal counseling in which Analyze your Saturn transit, its effects on your life and personalized astrological remedies.

In general, the universal remedy is to 'get your act together.' In the tunnel we need the light of knowledge. Saturn wants to teach us that we should not live a life moved by selfishness, that we are not on this earth to enjoy what is around us. Saturn is pleased when it meets us (during these cycles) humble and with a desire to do good to others, to grow spiritually by accepting our karma as a blessing.

Śani is claudicant, slow, stiff, elderly, self-righteous, and traditionalist. Saturn is satisfied if we make some small austerities for our spiritual growth, if we have firm values, good self-discipline, if we work hard, if we are consistent and dedicated to our inwardness.

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