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The Meaning of Horoscope

I chose the word "Vedic Horoscope" although the word "Horoscope" is often (alas) used to define the superficial astrological columns you find in magazines and newspapers. Here: it is NOT that kind of Horoscope!

The etymology of Horoscope comes from the Latin horoscŏpus or from the Greek hōroskópos. So Horoscope is etymologically formed from. hṓra, meaning "now," and from the theme of skopéō or "I observe."  Horoscope means "to observe the time (of birth)." Amazing the analogy with the name of one of the pivotal texts of Vedic Astrology called Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra. Parāśara is the name of the author. Bṛhat means the work is vast. Horā Śāstra precisely means the science (Śāstra) of the hours (Horā), producing a meaning similar to that of Horoscope. 

If we play instead on the word Horoscope and divide it into. gold-scope, we could say that the purpose of Astrology is to transform one's karma into gold. In fact, the goal of Vedic Astrology is to provide a deeper insight into our lives on both the material and spiritual levels. We can say that personal evolution, through the tool of astrology, goes through 3 stages gradually leading to the best situation: Know, Understand and ActFind the article dedicated to the 3 STEPS of CHANGE here..

Time Resource

Vedic Astrology can help us understand and make the best use of our Time. Time is the most important resource we have. As good investors, we can make the most of the resource Time, so that it gives us the best benefits. The following are some ways in which this ancient astrological system can be useful to man in our century. Vedic Astrology can be applied to all fields and areas of life, precisely because Time invisibly underlies and permeates everything, making it a fundamental factor in the accomplishment and success of our actions. The Horoscope is not the blurb one reads now in every magazine. It is not something trivial and superficial that applies to one-twelfth (if twelve are the Signs of the Zodiac) of the world's population. Vedic Horoscope is the detailed study of your Karma and especially the study of how you can make the best use of your possibilities. 


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