The most powerful month of the year...

A dark month when you can turn on all your light and make it shine again!

Have you ever heard of Dīvalī, or Dīpāvalī? Do you know what the month of Kārtika, also called Dāmodara māsa? In this article I explain all the secrets about this special period.

Have you ever heard of Dīvalī, or Dīpāvalī? you know what the month of Kārtika, also called Dāmodara māsa? 

Finally some good news...

You have just entered the most powerful month of the year!

It generally happens between October and November.

In particular, this year the month of Kārtika falls between the October 14, 2019 and the November 12, 2019.

While Dīpāvalī will be the October 27, 2019.


I am writing to explain the meaning and the benefits Of this "Vedic month."

In a little while I will reveal how you can make the most of energy of this important period.

First of all, I imagine you will want to know what a "Vedic month".


the "Vedic month" is soli-lunar

While we use a solar calendar...

A soli-lunar calendar was used in ancient India.

This calendar considers both the movement of the Sun and the movement of the Moon.

The calendar pūrṇimānta (pūrṇimā + anta, full moon at the end) is used in the North India For commemorations and sacred holidays.

Sun and moon become like two hands Of the calendar.

The Sunshine establishes the number of the "Vedic month."

The "Vedic month" is divided into 30 days.

La Moon Sets the number of the day.

Every day (called Tithi) corresponds to a phase of the Moon.

Thus each "Vedic month" is divided into. two parts from 15 days:

Waning moon e Crescent Moon.

The first day of the month is the day after the Full Moon.

The eighth day is when the Moon is half bright and half dark.  

The fifteenth day is New Moon, meaning no light.

After that, the Moon becomes crescent until it becomes (after 15 days) Full Moon.

In the meantime, the Sun changed signs, beginning the following month.

This is the "Vedic month."

Pleiades mark the start of the best month of the year

The name of the "Vedic month" is given according to the Nakṣatra (constellation) in which the Full Moon falls.

Not only the name of the month, but also its characteristics depend on the Nakṣatra in question.

There are 27 Nakṣatra (constellations of the Moon), these are the "stations" where the Moon stops each lunar day.

As the 360° Zodiac is divided into 12 Zodiac Signs...

...the vault of heaven itself is divided into 27 constellations.

The month we have just entered is called the Kārtika māsa ("māsa" stands for month in Sanskrit).

In fact, the Full Moon falls in the third Nakṣatra called. Kṛttikā.

To be clear, Kṛttikā represents the Pleiades, a collection of stars in the constellation Taurus.

The Pleiades have been known to humans since time immemorial and appear in the oldest literatures of humankind.

Put a balm on your mind

For Vedic Astrology, each constellation (Nakṣatra) has a symbol and a tutelary deity.

Kṛttikā Is symbolized by a Spear.

The Moon is in Exaltation in Kṛttikā, meaning it is in its happiest state.

In Kṛttikā the moon is enthusiastic!

The Moon represents the mind.

During this month the mind becomes as fine as a spear And with this spear you can cut through anything that blocks you:

❌ attachments
❌ addictions
❌ negative relationships
❌ the bad friendships
❌ vices and harmful habits
❌ obstacles
❌ emotional dependencies
❌ fears
❌ regrets
❌ regrets

The mind is stronger and more powerful, sharper, "sharper."

PAY ONE GET 1,000!

Since the mind is stronger, this means it is easier and more effective:

✅ meditate or pray
✅ focus
✅ look inward
✅ make an introspective journey
✅ Bringing the mind toward a spiritual goal

Yoga sages say that the benefit of meditation, prayer, mantras, vows, austerities and spiritual practices... enhanced incredibly during this month.

Every practice you do will be worth 1,000 times as much.

For example, if, in this month, you recite 1 mantra, it is as if you have recited it 1,000 times!

Any evolutionary practice is worth 1000 times more.

Here, you can use this great opportunity to go deep within yourself.

In this month you can really make a difference.

You will get incredible results.

To help you do this, I have prepared for you the Planet of Destiny Report.

You will have 1000 times the benefit than if you took it at another time.

Not only that, you can also help those you love evolve by taking a Planet of Destiny for another.

Know that the person who will take the Report Will have 1,000 times the benefit.

Other than 3×2. 

Here if you buy 1 you get 1000!


I just told you that the Moon is in the constellation of Kṛttikā Nakṣatra. 

In that constellation the Moon is extremely happy and strong. 


This enhancement makes each meditative and evolutionary practice even more valuable (x1000).


Now we can see the Moon from a different perspective....

...and this explains the ritual that is performed in India during this month.

In fact, the Moon, according to the great sage of astrology Parāśara Muni, represents the divine form of Kṛṣṇa.

Kṛṣṇa is not a Hindu deity, but a name for calling the Absolute Reality by pointing to it as "the source of all beauty."

Call it Universe, Cosmic Intelligence, God, Divine, All, First Cause, Sommum Bonum, Absolute Reality, or whatever you like.

Not important.

Whatever it is consider it incredibly fascinating.

Okay, let's continue.

Now the Moon represents the mother, the domestic nest and childhood.

To empower the mind and love toward the Absolute, we have various tips from the Hari-bhakti-vilāsa:

✅ remember the form of Kṛṣṇa child especially in the episode where he is tied to a wooden mortar

✅ offer a candle daily (I will explain why shortly)

✅ recite the prayer called dāmodarāṣṭaka (the eight prayers to the one who has a rope tied on his abdomen).

These are some practices that combined with meditation can greatly benefit one's evolution.

Don't worry if you find these practices too complicated.

If you can't or don't feel they are yours, simply make a small vow to meditate more and go deeper within yourself.

In this month yogis and spiritualists intensify their meditations because there is greater connection and it is possible to go deeper into one's realizations.

Make a small vow to read the Planet of Destiny several times and to recite your Mantra Guide.

The most important thing is that you don't let this month slip away....

...taking it as just another month!

I assure you it is not.

LIGHT A LIGHT and change the world

There are many anniversaries in this month.

A month full of festivals and celebrations.

We could say it is the most important month of the year.

As I told you before, a "Vedic month" is made by the movements of the Sun and Moon.

La Moon begins in Kṛttikā Nakṣatra which is the perfect seat for the Moon.

By now you know that the Moon "stands as God" in Kṛttikā and, in particular, the Moon represents the mind and Kṛṣṇa.

Now Kṛttikā is governed by. Agni (the deity of Fire).

Fire has always been the symbol of spirituality.

The light indicates the knowledge and devotion.

Because knowledge and devotion are the two lights that can shine the darkest parts of our lives.

This is the first astrological motif for which a candle is offered every night: to increase the "sacred fire" within us.

If the candle is then offered to Kṛṣṇa, the circle closes perfectly.

Do you understand?

THE Sun is weak but you can help it

But there is another astrological reason.

During this "Vedic month," the Sun stands for a long time in Scales.

Now you should know that the Moon is in exaltation in Taurus, and so it is very strong.

But the Sun is in Debilitation in Libra, so it is very weak.

The Sun is the rhythm and life of every being.

So to help the Sun and give it strength and light, we light a candle every night.

We can say that in this month lunar energy is very strong, while solar energy is very weak.

Kṛttikā ruled by Agni (fire) gives all the light and warmth to the Moon, but the Sun is in a difficult situation in Libra.

This is the second reason why we light a candle, to give support to this Sun.

Astrologically speaking, light and heat are properties of Agni Tattva, of the fire element.

In particular, the two planets that hold the focus are the Sun and Mars.

The Sun, in particular, represents the self, spirituality and is therefore considered the natural king of the natal chart.

So by offering the light of a candle to the Divine (in Sanskrit Deva, from div, light) we are empowering Agni, we are enhancing our Sun.

Libra is the Sign in which the Sun is in debilitation.

When the Sun is in debilitation it has less opportunity to illuminate.

It needs support, it needs light.

That is why we offer fire, to support the Sun in this zodiacal transition.

Libra is the natural House Seven and represents the sunset.

Sunset is the time when the sunlight gradually disappears.

On the other hand, the Sun in debilitation indicates that the Self, the soul, is more ready to be humble. Just like a king who has lost his kingdom.

Humility is one of the characteristics necessary to gain access to greater understandings (devoid of the arrogance of knowing) and predisposes to Love (in which we must set aside our ego).

the moon takes over

If the Sun is less strong, the star that gives us light is the Moon.

As I told you, for Parāśara, the wise patron of astrology, each planet is associated with a particular divine form.

The Sun is Rāmacandra of the solar dynasty.

While Kṛṣṇa is the Moon, coming from the lunar dynasty.

So this month is especially addressed to Kṛṣṇa.

Specifically to the story in which the mother ties up Kṛṣṇa child because he stole yogurt.

Both Kṛṣṇa, mother, childhood, emotions, service and milk products are represented in Vedic Astrology by the Moon.

Reciting this Sanskrit tale and offering a ghi (clarified butter) candle pays homage-in a spirit of humility and devotion-to the primordial source of beauty, pleasure and love.

Namāmīśvaraḿ sac-cid-ānanda-rūpaḿ.

So this month is also called Dāmodara māsa: for the beautiful story starring Kṛṣṇa child.

the month of love

What dignifies Dāmodara?

Dāman is the rope and Udara is the abdomen.

Dāmodara is the one who is bound to the abdomen. A special abdomen because it contains within it the whole universe.

Kārtika, or Dāmodara māsa, is the month of light.

Dante would say it is the hymn to the:

 "glory of him who moves all things; through the universe it penetrates, and shines; in one part more and less elsewhere."

A special abdomen requires a special rope.

The only rope that can bind the divine is a rope made of Love.

But only a Love with a capital "A."

A Love without a trace of selfishness, a motion of the soul unmotivated by self-interest, perpetual and uninterrupted.

Is this not the substance for which all beings hunger?

Is this not the only way to fill the emptiness of man?

But Love is a two-lane road, and it is an exchange in which the beloved and the lover meet to bond.

Therefore for this divine rope to bind us to the beloved, two fingers are always missing:

⭐ Our effort in tuning in to the highest frequencies, on the one hand;

⭐ and divine grace reciprocating to our commitment, on the other.

This image is the archetype of the ontological union between us, infinitesimal spiritual sparks, and the All, or Love itself.

It is the symbol of that eternal relationship.

Because it is only "The Love that moves the sun and the other stars."

Namo rādhikāyai tvadīya-priyāyai.

That is why a candle is offered every night: as an offering and as a request.

As an offering of our gratitude and as a request to be able to kindle and ignite that divine Love in our hearts.


During the month of Kārtika we celebrate the festival of light on the day of Dīpāvalī o Dīvalī.

Astrologically speaking it is exactly in the middle of the "Vedic month," when the Moon is practically new and therefore without light.

On this day not only is the Sun in debilitation in Libra, as a setting Sun in House Seven, but it is also the day of Amāvásyā, the New Moon.

That is, the Moon will be black, not visible.

Even less light, even more darkness.

That is why it is an ancient tradition light many candles To illuminate one's home so that light always prevails.

It is the day when we need light the most.

The Sun needs light because it is in Libra and the Moon does not have enough light because it is New Moon.

So your help is also needed!


In the Rāmāyaṇa is told the story of Rāma... 

...a prince who was removed from the throne and forced into exile for 14 years.

14 years is the period Saturn.

As I told you Kṛṣṇa is the moon.

Similarly, Rāma is the Sunshine.

Saturn, the Sun's arch-enemy, blocked the king's tenure during his time.

Rāma is a king (Sun) who was not allowed to rule (Saturn).

A king (Sun) who humbly takes the robes of a hermit (Saturn) and wanders through the forest.

This Saturn period ends for Rāma just before Dīpāvalī.

Dīpāvalī is the day when this king returns to his kingdom after redeeming his wife Sītā who had been kidnapped by the evil Rāvaṇa.

As a sign of celebration, and to light the way, his subjects lit up the millions of lights and lamps in their homes and on the city streets.

Each candle served to recall Rāma and welcome him back into the kingdom.

That is why Dīpāvalī is the festival when we ask divine Love to return to our hearts and bring the light of knowledge (Sun).

We light the candles of our affection as we symbolically light and decorate our homes.

make the most of this month

I want to help you make the most of this month and allow you to go deeper within yourself.

If you are still unfamiliar with Vedic Astrology, I recommend downloading the free Mini-Guide, "Tell Me Your Destiny Planet and I'll Tell You Who You Are!"

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If you have already read the Report then you may be interested in a Vedic Astrology Consultation with me. This month will be a great omen to begin an even deeper journey.

Remember every thing you will do in this month to evolve will be worth 1000 times more.

Don't miss this opportunity.

See you soon,

Prema Kumar

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