Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 1

- Have you seen that there is Mercury Retrograde in the sky?
- Have you felt the effects?
- Have you read my article in which I explain that one should not make major choices during this transit, which will end on March 28?

Only a few days left and Mercury will become Stationary, for one day, and then resume its direct motion in Aquarius.

Why then do you feel the need to make important choices at this time, Like fate is pushing you to make them?

Probably since March 14-when Mercury in Pisces moved back into the sign of Aquarius-it has brought up issues from the past that had remained unresolved.

With Mercury Retrograde, this may have led to a crossroads in your life, where the decision to be made is unclear.

You have to choose, you feel the urge to choose, but you are confused about what to do.

As soon as Mercury has entered Aquarius-and will remain there until April 11-you may feel an irresistible urge to change your current situation.

Depending on the position of the planets in your chart, you may have an extreme desire to change homes, change jobs, change relationships, buy property, get a new car, make new investments, change universities, change cities, and so on.

All important choices!

They may appear necessary, inevitable, "now or never!"

Yet choices made during Mercury Retrograde can be rash and unpolished.

Therefore, some patience.
If you have to make an important, very important choice, it is not enough to look at transits.

I recommend that you take advantage of my service Muhurta: choosing important moments.

When we make choices on the right wind, we open the sails to success.

So what is the astrological phenomenon that creates your burning desire to change?

The phenomenon that creates the desire to make changes in your life is Parivartana Yoga between Mercury and Rahu (North Lunar Node).

What is parivartana?

Mercury is in Aquarius, a Sign ruled by Saturn and Rahu. We can say that Mercury has gone to the house of Rahu. While Rahu is in Gemini, the Sign of Mercury. Rahu and Mercury switched homes.

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Imagine that for a month I give you the keys to my house and you give me the keys to your house. Each one goes to live in the other's house and this creates a strong correlation between us.

Thus Mercury's nature is strongly influenced by Rahu. This can manifest in your life a vital need to change something-ask yourself if it is really needed or is it just for the sake of change-but excess energy leads to hasty and confusing choices.

From March 14 to April 11 you may feel this need, so make decisions with foresight, get advice, seek the opinions of people you trust.

If you need help I can help you see things in the light of your Karma, potential and planetary energies, through a Complete Horoscope.

...But promise me one thing, Don't make important choices before March 28!

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