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Retrograde Planets Calendar 2021!

retrograde planets turn backwards and overthrow your seven chakras 

Here is the Retrograde Planets Calendar for 2021. You'll finally know which Chakra is being decompensated by those Planets who, from time to time, turn their backs on the sky and retrace their steps...

Retrograde Planets: What are they?

Not only do the Planets transit through the sky and become retrograde from time to time (disrupting your Chakras)...

...But do you know that you might even have Retrograde Planets in your natal chart? 

These Planets have a specific meaning and they are key points in understanding how to manage your energy so that it doesn't turn against you. 

What are Retrograde Planets? 

From a geocentric perspective (i.e., for us who observe the stars from our earthly perspective), it appears to us that the Planets revolve around the Earth. 

Generally the Planets move in Direct Motion, that is, they rotate from East to West along the zodiac belt, but at regular intervals, the Planets seem to stop in the sky and then proceed in the opposite direction, from West to East. 

This "turnaround" is due to a phenomenon called apparent retrograde motion.

Vakri Graha: are the Planets crooked?

In Vedic Astrology, the Retrograde Planets are called. Vakri Graha.

In Sanskrit, Vakrin means: 

Crooked, bent-necked, backward-moving ... 

...but also dishonest and fraudulent. 

What does it remind you of?


That's right!

The Sun and Moon, from a geocentric perspective, always move in Direct Motion. 

Thus we can say that the Planets moving in Direct Motion Are light bearers like luminaries.

While the two Lunar Nodes, proponents of eclipses, always move (in their average longitude) by Retrograde Motion

Rahu and Ketu represent the extremes of energies, obsessive desires and a strong karmic impact

Rahu is nonconformist; he cannot follow the masses. 

For this Retrograde Planets change their nature and become extreme like Rahu.

Remember that in Vedic Astrology only the 5 Visible planets in the naked-eye sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

These 5 Planets can become Retrogrades and behave like Rahu: while maintaining their "coloring" they become extreme and express their nature by exaggerating it.

The Nature of Retrograde Planets

The nature of the Planets changes when they become retrograde. 

How does it change? 

Retrograde Planets become stronger and more extreme

Being closer to Earth, their effect on the individual becomes more relevant. 

Retrograde Planets have the power to influence the basis of human consciousness.

They powerfully interfere with the human subtle system composed of the 5 elements and from the 7 chakra

Thus they create unbalance at the emotional level and make it more difficult to control the senses. 

Retrograde Planets Take the extreme side of Rahu.

Retrogradation has the power to reverse the cards. 


The Retrograde Planets in a sign of debilitation Will act as if they are in exaltation. 

While the Retrograde Planets in exaltation, they will act as if they are in debilitation.

I Beneficial planets (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury) who generally have a kinder nature, can become more ambiguous And less spiritual when Retrograde. 

While the Difficult planets (Mars and Saturn) can exacerbate their negative characteristics.

So a Retrograde Planet is capable of challenging us with Rahu's extreme and confounding energy.

But we can rebalance immediately in a targeted way if we know the Element and Chakra that is being "damaged."

That is why it is necessary to know the Retrograde Planets, so that we can act constructively to restore harmony within ourselves.

Planets, elements and chakras

First of all you need to know that:

Each Planet "holds" an Element.

If the Planet is in balance in your Birth Chart, then that corresponding Element will also be in balance in your body.

For example, if the Moon and Venus (Water element) are afflicted in your chart you may have blood pressure problems or you may have difficulties due to improper fluid retention in your body. 

Of course, Land and Water does not mean just a piece of land and a glass of water...

...but also the "States of Matter"

That is, the element Earth indicates the solid state and Water indicates the liquid state.

Below you will find a Table with The relationship between Planets, Elements and States Of the subject matter:

Now there are a variety of ways to "map" (match) the 7 Chakras to the 7 Planets.

In this case we are studying the effect of Retrograde Planets on our energy points...

So we will use the relationship between the Elements.

So: each Planet is associated with an Element.

Okay, we just saw that.

Now if you have studied yoga philosophy you will know that...

Also each Chakra is associated with an Element.

We have "only" 5 elements so we will consider the first 5 Chakras and 5 Planets (Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter).

Thus Planets and Chakras are connected by the Elements that represent them.

For example, the first Chakra is connected to the Earth Element.

If you look in the table above you will find that it is Mercury that holds the Earth element. 

So when Mercury is Retrograde Will go to decompensate the first Chakra, the Root.

What does the unbalanced first Chakra entail?

We will see shortly...

Below you will find the Table for the other Planets as well:

Pianeta Elemento Cakra Posizione
1st - Root
2nd - Sacred
3°- Solar Plexus
4th - Heart
5th - Throat

The first thing to understand is that a Retrograde Planet decompensates a its Element.

It will then be that decompensated Element that will then go on to decompensate the related Chakra.

So the "chain" works in this way:

Planet Retrograde - Element - Chakra

Once the Retrograde Planet decompresses our Chakra, the solution is to work in the reverse way.

Thus the remedy acts in this way:

Chakra - Element

That is, through the mantra, yoga and mindfulness you can work on the decompensated Chakra and thus compensate the corresponding Element.

Simple isn't it?

How long does a planet remain retrograde?

The 5 visible planets appear retrograde for a number of days. 

Before and after retrogradation there is a period when the planet appears stationary, or stationary. 

I Stationary Planets are, according to Vedic Astrology, a great blessing in the Chart because they become like Svarga-loka, the dimension of pure stars.

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But then.

How do the Retrograde Planets affect you?

There are two considerations to be made in order to understand what influence the Retrograde Planets have on you:

  1. Retrogrades transiting the sky this year
  2. Retrograde in your Christmas Card

Transits of Retrograde Planets

When a Planet in the Sky Turns Retrograde tends to influence all people on Earth

So it doesn't matter whether or not you have Retrograde Planets in your natal chart: 

If a Planet is now Retrograde it will have an influence on you.

For example, a person who is very balanced in his choices and decisions might suddenly change his plans during a transit of Mercury Retrograde. 

Communications and all communication tools (computers, media, etc...) can become problematic with Mercury Retrograde.

Even the most careful person, could have an accident due to carelessness when Mars is Retrograde.

In general, the natural characteristics ruled by the Planet tend to go to extremes and create tensions in those areas of life. 

Therefore, we need to be aware of the transits of the Retrograde Planets in the sky.

Below is the annual calendar of Retrograde Planets:

In particular, consider the periods when multiple Planets will be Retrograde at the same time, because these will be the most sensitive periods in 2021.

In fact, in these periods multiple Elements and multiple Chakras are decompensated simultaneously.

Mark these dates on your calendar (or save this article as a favorite so you can access it whenever you want):

As you see the most delicate period in which we will have well 3 Retrograde Planets June 20 to June 22 and September 27 to October 11.

In particular marked the periods when Saturn is Retrograde because there will be a strong energy. 

Interpretation of Retrograde Planets in Your Chart

If you have Retrograde Planets in Your Christmas Chart You will generally find it difficult to control the energy expressed by that Planet. 

Retrograde Planets are very strong, like bolting horses. 

Generally you can struggle to express the qualities of that Planet.


Denying them or emphasizing them; avoiding using them or using them incorrectly. 

Remember that Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde; while the Sun and Moon are always direct. 

Clearly, it is also crucial to consider The Houses the Planet Holds and its Status..

If you have many Retrograde Planets in the Chart, you will tend to be more rebellious, original and less traditionalist. 

This can be a side in your favor, but only if you can hold the reins of your energy.

Learning how to control the powerful energies of the Retrograde Planets in your Chart is one of the fundamental keys to your success!

Not sure if you have Retrograde Planets in your Christmas Chart?

We can talk about it: CLICK HERE.

Meaning of the retrograde planets

Let us now look at some meanings of the individual Retrograde Planets.

Of course, these are just pointers to help you better understand the energies involved throughout the year.

Consider that we could write a book for each Planet.

Not only that, the Transits of the Retrograde Planets have a different influence from person to person depending on the Planets in your Chart.

For example:

If we are in a period when Mercury is Retrograde and you have Mercury Retrograde also in your natal chart, then you will feel this transit totally differently from those who have Mercury direct in the chart.

Having said that, let us see together: 

mercury retrograde

venus retrograde

Mars retrograde

jupiter retrograde

saturn retrograde

Now you know that if a Planet goes backward...

You have to keep moving forward.

See you soon,


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