Vedic Astrology - A Horoscope for Your Child 1

Has a new starlet just been born? Want to know if your son will be an astronaut or your daughter will become a lawyer? Find out your child's talents and possibilities. Is your daughter undecided about what college to go to and would you like to better understand how to give her advice? Better understand her character and proclivities. Or is your child in the midst of an introverted adolescence and you don't know what to do? You will understand what astrological period he is in and why he acts a certain way. You will then be able to understand him and direct him toward his path: the path that leads to his personal fulfillment.

In the ancient culture of Yoga, Parents looked at their child's astrological chart to understand its karma and receive important information. The purpose was to Consciously educating and raising your child. In fact, as Vedic Philosophy-the philosophy behind Vedic Astrology-explains, there is a law of Karma so in this life we carry with us propensities, talents and blocks that we have developed and cultivated in past lives. From the Astrological Chart we can get this information. A child is NOT born tabula rasa! Those who are parents have a direct realization of this. Each child has his own character and tastes, which he manifests from an early age. No one can have taught them to him; they are inherent in his person.

A Horoscope for Your Child 1

The mother and father can look at their child's chart to promote their child's well-being, to understand the stages of their child's life, and to be able to act in a way that is favorable to their child. You can do the Christmas Theme of a newborn or teenage child who is going through a difficult time. It is helpful to understand the stage of life he or she is in, the emotions he or she is experiencing, and the blocks that prevent him or her from being calm and balanced.

Greater understanding, with the help of Astrology, can help you live better in the important role of parenthood!

"Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is yet to come. We have only today. If we help our children to be what they should be today, they will have the courage they need to face life with more love."
 - Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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