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This is our mission :

Unlike those who limit you to just one Zodiac Sign ...

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… we are always ready to move all the 9 Planets in the Sky…

...in order to help you unlock your potential and achieve your desires!

I think Vedic Astrology is very helpful to people because it brings you to know yourself and take an inner path.
Ester Bruno
Astrology is a map of our destiny, thanks to which we understand where to apply our efforts to change something for the better and where, instead, to gratefully accept what we are given.
Elena Moskovkina
I have been teaching yoga for over 40 years and consider Vedic Astrology to be an important tool to connect and link us to our ?higher destiny?
Devi Radhika Devi Dasi
Devi Radhika
Yoga teacher (centroyoga.eu)
Vedic astrology has helped me focus on my person, my character and the totality of all my habits. In a word: getting to know yourself is the first step to accept or change.
Alberto Nioi
Alberto Nioi
Industrial Technician
The method fully satisfied my rational and spiritual side, With specific references and no double meanings, all seasoned with a healthy irony, which helps a lot! Highly recommended!
Alice Gustadini
Radio host
I was struck by the extraordinary reading of ourselves that one is able to receive through 'Vedic astrology and also by bringing out components that influence us that we were not aware of until then. For me it is the most in-depth and effective tool to read deep inside ourselves.
Riccardo Laveglia
Employee and Naturopath
A fundamental tool, Vedic Astrology, for knowing oneself, for exploring the depths of the human soul, for aligning with one's life purpose and intention, for getting answers to latent questions within myself.
Adriana Romeo
Lawyer Mediator
He helped me understand what points to start from to help my daughter make positive changes in her life and in which direction it is best to project and develop her potential.
Vincenzo Lettieri 1
Vincenzo Lettieri
Computer Consultant
A fundamental tool for channeling our energy in the best possible way. If I had known a Vedic astrologer years ago, he would have prevented me from making multiple mistakes.
Elisabetta Fusari
Teacher of Hatha Yoga, Pilates and gymnastics (Arjuna Yoga ASD)
It is amazing and jaw-dropping to read about oneself, it sounds like an instruction booklet lost at birth and miraculously found again. I knew Vedic Astrology in name but not in fact. I think it is a very powerful tool that we should all be aware of in order to move forward in a focused and more authentic way.
Elena Montanari
Restaurateur (framcafe.com)